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Abstract: We consider the terms panpropagandism or propagandistic monism to represent the upper limit in propaganda theory. We conceptualize these terms and offer examples of their presence however in different forms in different trends of propaganda theory. Keywords: Propaganda Theory, Media Theory. En el libro Propaganda and Promotional Activities. Lasswell, Casey y Smith, Este autor distingue en Total propa- ganda: from mass culture to popular culture entre old propaganda y new propaganda vieja propaganda y nueva propaganda.

Edelstein, Unlike our experiences with propaganda in a mass culture, the producers and consumers of propaganda in a popular culture perceive their propagandas to be moral rather than immoral, they are indigenous rather than alien in their genesis and dif- fusion, and they defend them as truthful rather than exaggerated or falsified. This is completely at odds with definitions of the old propaganda, which asserted that all propaganda was alien, immoral, and lying.

Those who have been schooled in the old propaganda may find it difficult to call something that is considered to be moral and truthful propaganda, but that is what this book asks of the reader in many places Edelstein, 5 5.

Unlike members of mass cultures, who were almost wholly dependent on their leaders for propaganda, members of the pop- ular culture have gained the ability to initiate messages as well as respond to 5. Todos denuncian ese optimismo ingenuo que se aferra a la condena de unas y a conferirles una mayor dignidad a otras. Tchakhotine, por ejemplo, escribe: La masa Ellul es, probablemente, el autor en el que se alcanzan mayores cotas de panpropagandismo.

Either course is inadmissible intellectual surrender. Adorno o Herbert Marcuse. Horkheimer y Adorno, Ese es el sentido del totalitarismo que subyace a los contenidos culturales aparentemente diversos. En un influyente trabajo de , Herbert I. Their audience is mostly privileged people.

Para Jacques Driencourt La propaganda. Un relevante investigador de la propaganda, Garth S. Massive in its presumptions and purposes, propaganda has made the present century a time of unprecedent human direction.

Propaganda is manipula- tive and sometimes deceitful. Propaganda does seek predetermined reaction in the fashion. They are basically managers of one sort or another. However, perhaps because it is also an emo- tional reality, the popular interpretation fails to include much that is fundamental to understanding the social function of propaganda20 A clergyman exhorting the heavens to cast out Satan and reorient government toward Christian moral goal is propagandizing.

Even commercial advertisements are propagandistic: interpretive commu- nications from the well-honed propaganda factories that advertising agencies have become.

Pineda Cachero, —. From this viewpoint, propa- ganda is absolutely inevitable and cannot be exorcised by calling it evil-sounding names. All knowledge has not reached a scientific stage, and men who are thought to be competent do not always agree as to what is a scientific fact or theory even in our society. In the realm of social, political, and economic values, there is even less agreement and more prejudice.

The faith of a free society is in its varied systems of values, each seeking expression and survival. At a given moment, none but a fool or a prophet will state which ultimately is true or untrue, which good or bad. Ellul, Shanahan, Pineda Cachero, With what intentions are messages initiated?

We referred […] to the controver- sial intentions that distinguish propaganda from nonpropaganda statements. Attention was also called to the level of conscious awareness on the part of a communicator. Is he absorbed in communication as an end in itself, or does he perceive it as a means for affecting political power, wealth, or other valued outcomes?

What expectations does he entertain about the probable effectiveness of a message? With what role does he identify himself for instance, is he speaking as an official or as a private individual, as an expert or as a layman?

Nos hemos referido [ Lo contrario es incurrir en el panpropagandismo, afirmando que todo es propa- ganda, lo cual es, a su vez, una forma de decir que nada es propaganda. New York, Horace Liveright. Madrid, Visor.

Conversaciones con David Barsamian. Disponible en Internet Barcelona, Gustavo Gili, pp. Editorial Universitaria de Buenos Aires. Connecticut, Archon Books.

Nueva York, Vintage Books. Madrid, Trotta. Cambridge and London, The M. An Annotated Bibliography. The University of Chicago Press. Volume I. The Symbolic Instrument in Early Times. Honolulu, The University Press of Hawaii. Nueva York, Praeger, pp. Sevilla, Alfar.

Madrid, Eudema. Documentos de trabajo, vol. Universidad de Valencia. Barcelona, Gustavo Gili. The End of Propaganda?

Nueva York, Praeger. Londres, Oxford University Press.



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