It was not a very original story—There are many similar ones out there, with even the same title, but few that are this well done. They always HELP each other and reinforce the quaint but enduring notion that love dorene all — at least in the fictional universe of my imagination. To ask other readers questions about A Marriage of Convenienceplease sign up. To me this was the story of two people who were soul mates and had to endure a sad heartache to find each other. The reasons behind their trust issues and first breakup were well-explained and not taken to ridiculous extremes. She did not have spoil brat gene.

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Two people, who should be happily in love, are instead stuck in a loveless marriage because of a Great, Terrible Misunderstanding that could have been solved with two lines of dialogue but instead drags on and on until they have sufficiently hurt each other to almost the point of no return. The heroine is a passive doormat and the hero a watered down wannabe Heathcliff who does not pass the Alpha test at all.

Add to it the old-fashioned hokeyness of a Harlequin romance, and it ended up being an unpleasant reading experience. Marriage for revenge - one of my favourite themes. Think the ending was a bit rushed but if I did not pay for it, I am not complaining.

Jul 07, Love Butterfly rated it it was amazing I did not read any summery or review about this book or author. I randomly pick this book and I enjoyed every moment while I was reading this story about Jack and Jessica. It is a story around the time, when there was no cell phone, Facebook or Instagram.

Jack and Jessica were high school sweet heart. They were very much in love. Jack did not know Jessica came from a rich family. She did not have spoil brat gene. I did not read any summery or review about this book or author. When her father found out about Jack, he forbid Jessica and told her to end their relationship. As usual, Jessica disobeyed her father and got pregnant by Jack. From here on, those two love- bird started their saddest lives. She could divorce him after she gives birth Jacks kid..

Since Jessica did not want to harm Jack, she picked second option. I on the other hand, could not blame her father. If you are a parent, you will always want your children to be happy. He and his mother worked their butt off to bring food on their table. He was also a very proud man. After 10 yrs later, Jack and Jessica crossed each other their path. Both had feeling for each other and their chemistry was very strong.

In the end they dissolved their problems and lived happily ever after.


An Indecent Marriage



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