Da molti anni sostiene, insieme a David Grossman e Abraham Yehoshua, il riconoscimento dei due stati, della Palestina e di Israele, come soluzione alla fine del conflitto arabo israeliano. Era figlio unico di una modesta famiglia della classe media, di fatto una famiglia povera di Gerusalemme; il padre faceva il bibliotecario e la madre dava ogni tanto lezioni private. Il padre era in grado di leggere sedici o diciassette lingue e ne parlava perfettamente undici. La madre ne conosceva sei o sette. Fra di loro, nella vita di tutti i giorni, parlavano russo e polacco, leggevano in tedesco, francese e inglese per la cultura e sognavano in yiddish. I genitori, ricorda, portarono a Gerusalemme le loro passioni: i libri, le memorie, le idee, i paesaggi, la musica.

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During lunch break, she sat next to me, started searching inside her bag and picked up a tiny book. Im enjoying this very much, she said. How I wish and pray his ideas will come to pass!

One month later the book was sent to me by mail, and I found out the ladys name was Julie. This was looking good: 1 Someone got me a book always a delightful gesture 2 How to Cure a Fanatic: Great title, plus I had A nice lady in Knoxville, Tennessee, attended one of my talks in the States this October.

Halfway through the book, I was grunting already. In more than one instance, Amos Oz justifies war, and in more than one occasion, he insists on separation. I was looking, perhaps, for a broader perspective; a global human perspective that acknowledges the rights of people as who they are rather than on what their ethnicity dictates. Yes, they may have both been victims of the same oppressor, but one of these victims is the occupying force at this point.

The difference between those examples and the reality of today is that while those examples are in the past, this one is taking place before our eyes.

A lot of South Africans have said that the Israeli Occupation is in fact much worse than what apartheid was. All of that said, I did learn quite a few things from this book.

They are depicted as the colonialists who came to the Middle East once again, this time disguised as Zionists, to tyrannize, to colonize, and to exploit. Very often Arabs, even some sensitive Arab writers, fail to see us as what we, Israeli Jews, really are — a bunch of half-hysterical refugees and survivors, traumatized not only by Europe but also by the way we were treated in Arabic and Islamic countries.

He speaks about! A sense of humor, he adds, is necessary: the ability to laugh at ourselves, and see ourselves as others. Reading these parts, I knew exactly why Julie thought I would enjoy this book. She knew I would agree with this. Treason is not the opposite of love; it is one of its many options. The traitor is the one who changes in the eyes of those who cannot change and would not change and hate change and cannot conceive of change, except that they always want to change you.

In my thinking, I am sure I like him much more as the buddy I found in him in that chapter. He would be the kind of friend I would genuinely like but would avoid talking politics with, which is unfortunate, because you would expect more from the two of us.





Amos Oz, “Contro il fanatismo”


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