We try very hard to answer honestly, as no-one is done any favours by concealing facts that will come to light on survey. It is however a complex issue, and it is not uncommon for two surveyors to have differing opinions on the condition of a yacht hull. A typical hull that has " A number of larger blisters are visible, eg as marked with an arrow. Many more smaller ones will be almost invisible under the old antifouling, and some patches that look like blisters will in fact only be bubbles in the antifouling.

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And also a Highbridge Crusader. First up, can you just clean and paint them? Second, how do you go about insulating them? Third, am I insane and will they just sink when I look at them. If the original gel coat is in good nick there is no need to paint them at all.

A good clean and polish has them looking respectable,unless a previous owner has attacked them with a brush and paint in which case you have little choice but to repaint them.

The antifoul on the bottom obviously is painted on and depending on what finish you desire can just be painted over the old stuff if compatible with the new stuff. Insulating will very much depend on the boat you buy. NC is double skinned so in effect insulates herself resulting in a very warm boat even in the midst of winter. Out and out river boats are more often than not single skinned which will be colder. Much will depend on the interior finish as to how insulation can be achieved.

Provided you buy a sound boat there is no reason why it should sink nor why you should be insane. There are plenty of good little cruisers around at reasonable prices. For what it is worth i think the Dandy is a cracking little boat with loads of room for its size. Share this post.


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At the end of each program, a technician can take exams leading to certification in their specialty. The techniques apply to virtually all types of fiberglass molding including aerospace, automotive, and industrial and crafts. You will see a complete demonstration of molding a model aircraft cowling. A kit cowling is developed into a plug that is used to construct the mold. A fiberglass cowling is then laid up in the mold and released. Learn More Boatbuilding with Baltek DuraKote Details the use of Baltek Durakore to achieve in record speed boats which are "stiffer, lighter, stronger, faster and easier to build than boats made from other materials The definitive guide to building one-off hi-tech composite power and sail boats of virtually any shape for professional and home builders without time-consuming, costly plugs and conventional fiberglass molds.


Fiberglass boats

Keran Hausel poses for Hall of Fame induction photo at the. Posted by Soke Hausel at 2: The tonfa is more readily recognized by its modern development in the form of the police Side-handle batonbut many traditional tonfa techniques differ from side-handle baton techniques. The tekko is usually made to the width of the hand with anything between one and three protruding points on the knuckle front with protruding points at the top and the bottom of the knuckle. There is much controversy over its origins: The bo is the earliest of all Okinawan weapons and effectively one of the earliest of all weapons in the form of a basic staffand is traditionally made from red or white oak.


Fibreglass boats

The primary cause is the presence of water-soluble molecules in a laminate. These impurities come from innumerable sources, including glycols in improperly cured resin, any dust, sweat, or snot that falls into a mold during lamination, trace chemicals left over from a catalyst or mat binder, as well as certain agents used to treat fiberglass fabrics. The other major factor is the presence of voids in a laminate. These can never be absolutely eliminated—there is always some air in a laminate somewhere—but as we discussed in our last discourse on boat construction, steps can be taken to keep voids to a minimum. What precipitates blistering is the migration of water through a laminate. Though once upon a time we all believed the myth that fiberglass is absolutely waterproof, now we know better.

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