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Introduction Supported Network Protocols Page 6 A. Network Configuration Notes Introduction A Enabling or Disabling Network Protocols. With an HP Jetdirect print server, you can connect and share your printer anywhere on your network and print at network speeds.

The proper network cables and connectors for connecting the card and printer to your network. A static-safe environment for handling the card. Page Step 1. This card provides a single RJ connector for networks that use unshielded twisted-pair Page Step 2. The selection depends on the data rate of your Token Ring network. Page Step 3. The Printer Configuration page will display the operating status of the printer.

The steps to print a Printer Configuration page varies with each printer. Page Step 4. Turn off the printer. Page Step 5. Print another Printer Configuration Page or Service Configuration print as described previously in page 15 and verify that Jetdirect Configuration Page information also prints. Page Step 6. Configure the Card with Network Parameters Required for Your Network If the card has been successfully installed and is operating correctly, you are now ready to configure the card for network operation.

Page Step 7. Install The Printer On Your System if Not Already Installed Note After the card is configured with network parameters, the configuration values are saved and maintained even after the printer is turned off and back on again. Step 7. By default, the print server will attempt to autonegotiate its link operation.

When connecting to network hubs and switches that do not support autonegotiation, the print server will configure itself for Mbps or Mbps half-duplex operation. These LEDs indicate the operating link speed of the print server. Page 25 Try the following troubleshooting procedures: Verify cabling connections. Verify that the configuration of the connecting network device such as a network switch matches. This allows network computers that may be using different protocols to communicate with the same printer.

Each protocol on the print server may require some configuration before the printer can communicate on the network using that protocol. Page To Restore Factory Default Values eliminate unnecessary information on the Jetdirect Configuration Page, which displays status information for all enabled protocols. These warning messages are displayed only if all enabled protocols are unable to print. To Restore Factory Default Values You can restore the Jetdirect print server to factory default values by performing a cold reset on your printer.

Table A. Page 31 Table A. For a description of menu items and options, see Table A. Page 33 Table A. However, you can set the frame type format if required.


HP JetDirect 600N, JetDirect 300X User Manual

When printers were directly connected to network spoolers, often a simple hardware protocol was used to send data from the PC to the printer. Centronics mode on a parallel port would be an example. As customers demanded faster data transfer speeds and richer status, these protocols became more complex as in IEEE Once in a while, when doing an inventory of a network, an administrator may discover some network connected devices that rather old but are still working.


HP JetDirect 600N Manuals & User Guides

Goltik Would there be any other configuration other than installing the drivers for the laserjetN? Consult the documentation of the particular operating system to set up BootP on the computer. Entering that IP address in the browsers address bar will display the print servers web configuration pages Java Script is Required. From the drop-down menu at the top, select Configuration.


HP Jetdirect 620n Fast Ethernet Print Server Manuals


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