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Detailed Information Authorised Dealer We are a fully authorised worldwide dealer of Kenwood radio products. All products are supplied with a full warranty. Ensure your purchases are supplied by am authorised dealer. All products are supplied from the UK, and shipped registered and insured courier. This device can also be used as a base station or repeater backup unit, this in order to suit various applications.

With 16 built-in duplex channels this allows for sufficient communications within a larger working environment, whilst a priority scan is also available when the unit is operating in simplex mode.

A 2-Digit Numeric LED Display is present on the front of the TKR, displaying the current channel of the repeater, this alongside 6 programmable function keys and a local speaker.

A battery backup system is in place with the repeater, a display-off function helps to reduce energy consumption, whilst a built-in support system can automatically switch to an optional 12v battery should the power supply fail. The TKR benefits from a built in compander, helping to improve audio whilst operating as a simplex base station, with a wide and narrow setting being available for each channel.

Flash memory permits updates, advanced feature sets and system architectural changes to be made without opening the unit, allowing for downtime to be minimized. Ofcom Licence Options All licensed radios require a licence issued by Ofcom. Radiotronics can facilitate that and make the application on your behalf.

Below are the licence options. Ofcom Licence Options.

RT9214 PDF

Kenwood TKR-750 Manuals



Kenwood TKR-750 Instruction Manual


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