Disida This is an awkward page essay to hack your way through. More of Orwell at his best. In addition to his literary career Orwell served as a police officer with the Indian Imperial Eric Arthur Blairbetter known by his pen name George Orwellwas an English author and journalist. On the other hand, if one of them succeeds in blowing me to pieces with a well-placed bomb, he will never sleep any the worse for it. Most of the power in England is given to those who are wealthy and get a good education, because they have inherited that wealth and those means to a good life. En los textos de este volumen, escritos entre yel lector encontrara al otro Orwell: It provides an understanding of that ci A random lucky find in the library as I unicognio no idea there was a special publication.

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Shelves: non-fiction , great-britain , history , political , essays "I began this book to the tune of German bombs, and I begin this second chapter in the added racket of the barrage. The yellow gun-flashes are lighting the sky, the splinters are rattling on the house-tops, and London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down.

Anyone able to read a map knows that we are in deadly danger. I do not mean that we are beaten or need be beaten.

Almost certainly the outcome depends on our own will. But at this moment we are in the soup, full fathom five, and "I began this book to the tune of German bombs, and I begin this second chapter in the added racket of the barrage.

But at this moment we are in the soup, full fathom five, and we have been brought there by follies which we are still committing and which will drown us altogether if we do not mend our ways quickly.

Generally, folk tend to think of Orwell as an anti-Communist and a defender of liberal democracy. Although true, it should be noted he was also a hardened socialist, but one of the old school. In a nutshell - 1. England Your England - Orwell describe the essence of Englishness and records changes in English society over the previous thirty years or so.

Thought-provoking, powerful and passionate its the longest of the three. In its affection for all aspects of England it continued the nostalgia for an older, less commercialised, more decent England which marked his previous book. Shopkeepers at War - He makes the case for a socialist system in England and declares that the old ruling class and their capitalism must be overthrown for the simple reason that private capitalism, that is, an economic system in which land, factories, mines and transport are owned privately and operated solely for profit- does not work.

The English Revolution - The argument is made for an English democratic socialism, sharply distinct from the totalitarian communism of Stalin. Orwell gives a sweeping trenchant review of the current political scene in England then in All the parties of the left are incapable of reform, the Labour Party most of all since it is the party of the trade unions and therefore has a vested interest in the maintenance and flourishing of capitalism.

The tiny communist party appeals to deracinated individuals, but has done more to put the man in the street off socialism than any other influence. He comes up with a six-point programme, the kind of thing in his eyes would make a positive difference - Nationalisation of land, mines, railways, banks and major industries. Limitation of incomes, on such a scale that the highest tax free income in Britain does not exceed the lowest by more than ten to one.

Reform of the educational system along democratic lines. Immediate Dominion status for India, with power to secede when the war is over. Formation of an Imperial General Council, in which the coloured peoples are to be represented. Declaration of formal alliance with China, Abyssinia and all other victims of the Fascist powers. An interesting read, regardless of my own views. He was a master at writing essays, and clearly took to it like a duck to water.


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