Utilizing newspaper chronicles, memoirs, biographies, and official accounts, Noel Ignatiev traces the tattered history of Irish and African-American relations, revealing how the Irish in America used unions, the Catholic Church and the Democratic party to help gain and secure their newly found place in the White Republic. It then reviews the status of Catholics in Ireland and some of their ambiguous contacts with American race patterns after emigration. Ignatiev carefully explores and challenges the Irish tradition of labor protest and the Irish role in the wave of anti-Negro violence that swept the country in the s and s. In addition, How The Irish Became Whiteprovides a provocative recounting of the roles of northeastern urban politicians in the Irish triumph over nativism, which allowed for their entry into the "white race.

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He was The cause was an intestinal infarction, according to Kingsley Clarke, a longtime friend. It touched off a firestorm of debate at the time at academic conferences and in the pages of newspapers. In time his view that whiteness is a social and political construction — and not a phenomenon with a biological basis — has become mainstream. The book detailed how the Irish, who had first come to North America as indentured servants and were reviled by the more settled populations of English and Dutch Americans, became, by the midth century, accepted as white.

Sadly, Ignatiev argued, the Irish became incorporated into whiteness just before the Civil War, through support for slavery and violence against free African Americans. To become white, Ignatiev wrote, did not mean to be middle class, much less rich, but rather to be accepted as equal citizens and to have access to the same neighborhoods, schools and jobs as others.

In becoming white, the Irish ceased to be Green. The white race is like a private club based on one huge assumption: that all those who look white are, whatever their complaints or reservations, fundamentally loyal to the race.

We want to dissolve the club, to explode it. Defy the rules of whiteness — flagrantly, publicly. Challenging people on their whiteness can lead to harsh confrontations, even blows. In particular, his scholarship on whiteness as a social category and his activism that aimed at eliminating it were crucial interventions in American political life.

After dropping out of the University of Pennsylvania in , Ignatiev worked in a Chicago steel mill and then made farm equipment and machine tools.

At the mill, he helped organize strikes and protests by the workers, who were predominantly African American. Du Bois Institute. His contract as a tutor was not renewed. He was a professor of liberal arts at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

He is survived by his partner, Pekah Pamella Wallace; a brother and a sister; a son, John Henry Ignatiev, and a daughter, Rachel Edwards; and three grandchildren. Newsletter Must-read stories from the L. Sign Me Up.


Review of “How the Irish Became White”

All the same, the current title is a very cute one. As Billy Connolly says somewhere of those of us of a Celtic disposition, we actually start off a pale blue colour and it takes us a couple of weeks in the sun to go white. This, of course, isnt true, really. In fact, a couple of weeks in the sun and we become snakes, having shed multiple layers of skin.


How the Irish Became White

His grandparents were from Russia. He was expelled from the POC in For twenty years, Ignatiev worked in a Gary, Indiana steel mill and also in the manufacturing of farming equipment and electrical components. A Marxist activist, he was involved in efforts by African American steel workers to achieve equality in the mills. In , Ignatiev was accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of Education without an undergraduate degree. Ignatiev was a graduate student at Harvard University where he earned his Ph.

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