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This is not a legal document. This publication is available in alternative formats upon request. Overview Who should use this application guide? We issue Permanent Resident Travel Documents PRTD s to permanent residents so they can satisfy transportation companies that they are allowed to travel to Canada as permanent residents.

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By Immigration Direct Citizens of Can ada are not required to obtain travel documents because, as citizens, they are always allowed to re-enter the country regardless of their condition.

Permanent Residents, on the other hand, are subject to residency requirements and therefore need to apply for travel documents to re-enter Canada. In order to obtain a travel document an immigrant must be a Permanent Resident and have been in Canada for at least out of the past days, or that they will be able to meet that mark when they reach five years of Permanent Residency.

There are some instances where you may be able to accrue residency days even when abroad. Every member of your family must fill out an application; much of the application is rather straight forward and self-explanatory. The application itself, IMM , should be submitted at the Canadian consulate where you are currently travelling abroad. If there is not a consulate in that country, submit your application to the nearest Canadian consulate.

The consulate officer will then decide if you are eligible to receive a travel counterfoil in your passport so that you can return to Canada, it is highly recommended that you renew or replace your Permanent Resident Card immediately after returning home.

If you choose to use a representative to apply for a travel document you will need to have the representative file an additional form that grants him or her the right to file on your behalf. Post navigation.


Application for a Verification of Status (VOS) or Replacement of an Immigration Document (IMM 5545)

Postal code District If the country in which you live does not use any of these values, please ensure a complete address for the country in which you reside is included. Question 17 Check the box to indicate whether your telephone number is from Canada or the United States US or any other country. Indicate if your telephone number belongs to your residence, cell or business. Indicate your country code. Indicate your telephone number including your area code and extension, if applicable. Question 18 Check the box to indicate whether your alternate telephone cell, mobile, business, etc.


Applying for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (IMM 5529)


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