Start your review of Food That Really Schmecks Write a review Shelves: food , can-lit , canadian-literature , cookbooks , home , my-copy , totally-fun-read , totally-fun-to-read This is the book that started my life long love affair with cookbooks. I read them like novels imagining the meals I could be preparing. This book is immensely charming and fun to read. Her cookies are great and her Neil Harbour bread recipe is my favourite bread recipe of all time. May 17, Its sunny today but cool.

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Schmierkase creamy soft cheese spread on bread with apple butter. Sweet, moist shoofly pie. Fifty years ago, writer Edna Staebler opened a window on that heritage, with a book called "Food That Really Schmecks.

Story continues below Staebler died in at the age of But even though chefs and home cooks are less likely nowadays to serve head cheese, or make cookies with chicken fat, they still love her books with a passion.

Mixed in a dishpan, it calls for a dozen eggs and a pound of Smarties. It makes between and cookies, Next to the recipe, the cookbook owner has written: "Good. They are named after the birds because of the shape they take after frying. Story continues below And her book "should be one of 10 books someone reads when they come here.

The dish is a cousin to scrapple, a delicacy from Pennsylvania. Staebler says her mother enjoyed the dish with maple syrup, while her Old Order Mennonite friend, Bevvy Martin, served it with relish or a salad. Yet, the recipe calls only for "a piece of liverwurst" of unspecified size. Benninger loves that the book assumes you know your way around a kitchen, which would have been true of readers 50 years ago. Families make fewer meals at home, and cooking is no longer taught in schools.

The cooking liquid has turned into stock by then, and becomes the basis for a milky gravy. For many people, though, those recipes are like a loyal friend who will never let you down. It was the stories. She met Staebler through mutual friend Kevin Thomason. Quarry drove her around downtown Kitchener where Staebler grew up. Staebler told wonderful stories about being such a voracious reader as a child that the public library would only let her take out a limited number of books per day.

Angus Sheach, owner of DeliWorks Cafe in Kitchener, was visiting family in Scotland at Christmas a couple of years ago and wanted to help out with the dinner for It reminds him of the bread he grew up with, made by a bakery in Durham, the small town where Sheach was raised.

His secret twist: He adds a touch of maple syrup to the liquid. Homestyle cooking. Catharines, do not have an Edna Staebler in their region," said Benninger.


Edna Staebler



Food That Really Schmecks


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