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Blended wing profile The Tu is a variable-geometry wing aircraft. The aircraft employs a fly-by-wire control system with a blended wing profile, and full-span slats are used on the leading edges, with double-slotted flaps on the trailing edges and cruciform tail. Nevertheless, Lt. Tu with Burlak launch vehicle A demilitarized, commercial version of the Tu, named TuSK, was displayed at Asian Aerospace in Singapore in with a model of a small space vehicle named Burlak [43] attached underneath the fuselage. While similar in appearance to the American B-1 Lancer, the Tu is a different class of combat aircraft; its primary role being a standoff missile platform strategic missile carrier.

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Embassy or Consulate are required to complete the DS online application form. Each applicant, regardless of age, must have his or her own DS application form. When traveling with family, please make sure to complete a separate DS application form for each family member.

Browser Requirements Before you start, please make sure your computer meets the following requirements. Please note that you may experience errors if your browser does not meet the specification listed below: bit encryption support JavaScript must be enabled Transport Layer Security TLS must be enabled. This website is best supported by Internet Explorer 11 or higher and Google Chrome 58 or higher.

Safari is not supported. Documents you need to have with you while you complete the DS Passport Digital image of your photo a color photo with a white background taken within the last 6 months; please make sure to remove eyeglasses. For further details on photo requirements, please visit this online page. See the examples below of acceptable and unacceptable photos: Other required documents for your visa category: Before you fill out the DS online form, you need to know what type of visa you are applying for as you will be required to enter additional information, according to the visa category.

For details on the required documents for each visa category, please visit this online page. When you point your cursor to the English text, the Japanese translation will appear. Provide Accurate and Complete Information: You will be asked to correct your application and your application may not be accepted if you answer certain questions incorrectly.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following questions: Name: If you have middle name, please put it after your first name. Other names: list all other names used i.


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