Donate Richard Lowell Rubenstein is a U. Rubenstein was born in New York City; his parents were non-observant Jews and he did not have a barmitzvah. He was tempted to enter the ministry but was told that he would have to change his name. Instead, he embraced his own tradition. He was ordained at the Seminary and received his MHL in While serving as rabbi in Brockton —54 and in Natick —56 , Massachusetts, and as interim director of the Hillel Foundation at Harvard —58 , he studied at Harvard Divinity School where he received his STM and at the graduate school where he received his Ph.

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In , they were married. After having a daughter, Paulette, she became a full time mom. She and Fred traveled extensively and they shared a joint passion for art and culture. She has one daughter and three grandchildren.

Eva recently celebrated her 94th birthday. Together, they returned to their home in Hungary. She worked as a teacher before earning a graduate degree in social work. To this day, she counsels many Holocaust survivors. She has three sons, ten grandchildren and eighteen great grandchildren. She met her husband, Harry Drexler, in Munich in and had a baby that same year. They worked there together for 45 years. They had two children, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Rena spent her later years in great demand as a speaker in many Los Angeles area schools, where she shared her experiences during the war. Rena passed away in Together, they went to Belgium where they were married in In , they came to the United States where she worked as a teacher before having one daughter and eventually two grandchildren.

Posthumously, she had two great grandchildren. Lili passed away in There, she was reunited with her brother and together they found their father, who passed away soon after. She was married in Prague in , had one child and came to America the same year where she worked as a fashion designer until In, Renee became one of the first survivors to speak in public about her experiences for the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

She continues to travel the world today as a speaker for Holocaust education, including a recent journey to Rwanda. In addition to one daughter, she has one grandchild and three great grandchildren.

Linda Scheffer Sherman Born in Amsterdam, Holland After three months working in a Russian hospital, she was handed over to the Americans who returned her to her home in Amsterdam. In , she came to America and settled in California where she worked as a nanny. She met her husband, Eli, at a doughnut shop in Santa Monica and was married in She had three children and one grandchild. Linda passed away in


A Consideration of Faith After Auschwitz

Rubenstein Credit To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. The problem is especially urgent within Judaism. The traditional Jewish doctrine of the chosen people, no matter how interpreted, is difficult to maintain in the face of Auschwitz.



Education[ edit ] Rubenstein began his tertiary education at Hebrew Union College , an institution within the Reform Judaism tradition. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a B. He then was awarded the Master of Hebrew Literature from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America Conservative tradition and was also ordained as a rabbi by that institution. Finally, he pursued doctoral studies and received a Ph. Rubenstein taught in religious studies at Florida State University from to and held the professorial chair. He then became president and professor of Religion at the University of Bridgeport , where he served from to The Holocaust and death of God[ edit ] Rubenstein emerged in the s as a significant writer on the meaning and impact of the Holocaust for Judaism.

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