His thesis was titled "The right of passage through straits in time of peace". His diplomatic career began in in the Ministry of External Affairs , where he served in the Permanent Missions of Egypt to the United Nations in New York and in Geneva , in charge of political, legal, and arms-control issues. From to , he was a special assistant to the foreign minister. From to , he was also an adjunct professor of international law at the New York University School of Law.

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Enrichment makes the uranium more capable of generating nuclear energy. Inspectors from the Agency would be dispatched to respective countries to inspect, verify and monitor the facilities. However, the effectiveness of the Agency is restricted when the state in question falls out of the NPT jurisdiction. If the alleged nuclear programmes exist, WMD disarmament. Otherwise, the resultant technical and objective evidence from the verification activities can be utilized to provide the allegations false.

WMDs become a trump card on negotiating tables. Nuclear Wal-Mart: There exists a vast, loose-knitted, ingenious network that enables the illicit trafficking of nuclear and radioactive materials.

A German supplier had provided the vacuum pumps. A middleman in Spain supplied 2 specialized lathes. A Swiss consultant had traveled to Malaysia to produce centrifuge parts based on Pakistani designs that had originated in the Netherlands. A British engineer had prepared the plans for the Libyan machine shop set up to produce centrifuge components.

Special furnaces were procured from Italy. Frequency converters and other electronics had been manufactured in Turkish workshops using parts imported from elsewhere in Europe.

Symbol of Power: Most importantly, whoever holds the nuclear weapons technology is seen to wield the most clout in the global arena. Consequently, this has breed mistrust, resentment for double standards and ironically, led to a trend towards nuclear proliferation. It is imperative to understand that the motivations are rooted in profound reasons aforementioned or long-standing contentious conflicts that cannot be transformed or eradicated by one agreement or penalties. It diminish the trust that took years to establish, create even more resentment and eventually escalating the tension between the countries.

Source: TeachingHistory. These individuals or groups tend not to view the US as one UN member among many — nor really as a member of the community of nations — but rather as sort of patron or custodian of the UN, exempt from the rules it helps set for others. And the result? These and other events and images suggested a basic disdain for human rights, blatant cultural discrimination, and disregard for international norms regarding the conduct of war.

Tragically, these actions sullied the perception of democracy across Arab and Muslim world. The US and its allies promoted an ethos of violence and cultural division that harkened back to an earlier era of human history. Thus, in the face of this mounting complexity in managing the nuclear landscape, what did Mohamed ElBaradei proposed? On the part of the Global community excerpts from Mohamed ElBaradei : Understanding nuclear proliferation as part of a much larger context of global inequality and the quest for human security.

The connections: the negative societal spiral began with poverty and inequality; which all too frequently coincided with poor governance, corruption, and human right abuses; which in turn provided fertile breeding ground for extremism, violence, and civil wars, and in areas of unresolved conflict, the temptation to project power or achieve security parity by acquiring weapons of mass destruction.

Develop collective security that is equitable and inclusive. This is done by developing strategies that shares the wealth of the planet more equally — recognizing that poverty and inequality is an underlying root cause of insecurity. Technological investments targeted to meet development needs rather than profit-driven.

Understand that meaningful change requires a commitment for the long haul — commitment to a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. On the part of the UN Security Council and other international nuclear bodies Develop an effective UN Security Council by focusing on the root causes of insecurity, and not just the symptoms; greater agility and realism in dealing with non-compliance, intervening early rather than postmortem; effective enforcement measures that would target the regimes in question, not innocent civilians; and consistency of approach when dealing with similar situations.

Abandon the notion that it is morally reprehensible for some countries to pursue WMDs, yet morally acceptable for others to rely on them for security. Abandon the traditional approach of defining security in terms of boundaries — city walls, border patrols, racial and religious groupings.

Conclusion Source: CartoonMovement Proliferation begets proliferation. Therefore, instead of individual security stratagems, a multinational security paradigm should be in place. Heed the lessons of the recent past and avert mutual annihilation. Imagine that such a world is within our grasp.


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