Main UI This is where most of the magic happens — playing the pads and recording the beats. Tap the Stop button to stop recording and playback. Use the bottom boundary swipe to reveal the transport. This set of buttons displays the current playback position and allows you to start and stop playback, as well as move the playback position forward and back by the beat and bar. Tap the sequence window to expand to the full view and access the full set of options. Sequence Menu Tap the Add button in the top bar to add a new sequence.

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Byecamburn Tue Sep 29, pm Brand new to impc pro. Any corrections are welcome. Sequences are like Ableton Live scenes. When you trigger a sequence you are simultaneously triggering the MIDI clips associated with the sequence for all tracks. It created a copy of the folder Great! Some further exploration is needed. Click on sample name when in edit mode. A better name for the button would be "Recorder" IMO.

Sequencing Workflow 1. Import audio samples. Cut samples in AudioShare. Copy sample in AudioShare. Rename and move as desired. Load samples on pads. Sequence samples. Need to confirm this but very roughly. You can either record sequences by playing the pads or you can click in the MIDI data. Export audio. You can export audio via audiocopy for sequences and songs. To export stems solo tracks then export.

Note editing in Timeline tab. Click to enter a note. Change length: Hold down with left hand, note turns yellow, drag to right with right hand. When a note is blue you can move it around.

Also when a note is blue it has corner handles that can be used to select adjacent notes. When multiple notes are selected you can operate en masse — change lengths of all selected notes, and move all selected notes around.


Akai manuals

Matrix Tactile control for an unrestricted creative flow. Control Discover new ways to enhance your performance via degree rotary encoders with OLED feedback — smart assignments and multiple modes provide immediate real-time access to all core controls or link to any assignable parameter for a truly customized experience. Capture and playback any changes with real-time FX automation. Command Experience total control of your performance. The ultimate side-cart and a solo centrepiece in its own right, Force provides the pinnacle of liberated performance capability that roots your focus on delivering the ultimate performance, whatever your next set demands. Tutorial - Launching Clips with Force Mashup Import multiple stems, then tune and time-stretch your content for immense mash-up potential — all content syncs to your master BPM so you never miss a beat. Apply filter, modulation and beat repeat effects in real time to individual tracks, select outputs or tracks.


AKAI iMPC User Guide

Search Search for sound by name across all sounds. Search will automatically show results as you type. Akai Sounds Browse the nearly 1, official Akai Pro sounds organized into banks. A pasted audio bank for sounds pasted from AudioCopy. An Itunes File Transfer bank for sounds imported from iTunes more details below. You can check and convert sample rates with free desktop utilities such as Audacity Projects Browse sounds organized by Project. Programs Browse sounds organized by Program.

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