By applying a tiny amount of the RANDOM waveform to pitch try a depth setting of 01each note sxl have a very mankal pitch discrepancy. If you delete a program from memory, make sure that you really do not need that program in the future or that you have saved it to disk first. For playing single manaul. Alternatively, you may layer programs in this way and set different portamento rates for each one so that they all slide around at different speeds! Because it is felt tliat LF01 will mostly be used for vibrato effects, the default in the PTCH page see later is set so that simply setting a value in the dept h: The default here is slow as it is assumed you will want mnual use this LFO for such things as filter sweeps and slow panning effects, etc.

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Fegal Adjusting this has no effect on the level of the signal appearing at the individual outputs or the real-time digital outputs. Assigning Effects To Individual Keygroups To set this, select the keygroup in the field or press and hold the EDIT key nanual play the appropriate note and route that keygroup as appropriate and set a suitable level.

Please contact your local Akai dealer regarding this option. As a result, take care to watch levels. Thanks for checking it out though! How The Flashrom Works There afe three sxl ft key actions that you can take, all concerned with deleting programs: This parameter sets the time it takes for the LF01 effect to take place after a note-on.

For example, with samples such as piano or marimba or vibes, you could create the stereo effect of microphones being placed at either end of their keyboards to produce a panning effect. This eliminates the need for copying the same sample several times and hence wasting memory to manuao the same effect. This can be used for special effects, especially in synth sounds — for example. If a key has this highlighted type of display: Should you press this by mistake, you will see that the boxed area to left of the screen still retains the new name you entered so press NAME immediately followed by ENT and make your choice again.

For many acoustic instruments, especially string and woodwind sounds, when played quietly, their attack times also change slightly so this parameter can be put to good use. Bend Use this instead of modwheel perhaps. The trick with this method is that both samples share the sxl processing with the filters and envelope generators making adjustment and editing very simple.

If, however, the samples re-triggering every time you cross into a new keygroup not acceptable, then maybe you should use the mono legato mode without the mute group function manua you may run into problems associated with extreme transposition of samples.

In this case, whatever editing action you perform will be ignored. Studio Manuals — Akai Byskweezyotitties Fri Dec 19, 6: As described above, this can be used to akao out abrupt transitions between keygroups.

Simply press the NAME key and enter a name of up to 12 characters from the front panel keys. Its function is described above. It is possible to zoom in on the waveform using the key.

Akai SXL Effects Edit However, if for the purposes of the guitar sound, you add distortion and EQ and change the chorus to a flange setting, if there is another program in memory that uses that effect preset for example, a strings programit too will be affected. If you have the multi -effects processor installed, layers and splits may be sent to different effects in varying amounts to create even more variation.

This may be for a four way velocity switch or for velocity switching between two stereo samples or for layering four samples together. Remove the top of the case by undoing the two large screws either side of the case and the smaller screw in the centre of the top of the rear panel. We strongly recommend that for such purposes, you use the MULTI mode but retaining these functions ensures compatibility with data created on earlier models.

It is recommended you leave 1 U of rack space above and below the sampler. If you anticipate playing a mwnual sound quickly, set lower portamento rates. At around a setting of 75, this can be used for vibrato but can be assigned anywhere you like and can be used for filter sweeps, panning, amplitude modulation manuual slow pitch sweeps.

Naming A Multi If you are playing a percussive sample for example, congas in one program, which you do not want to correspond to standard Western chromatic equal temperament tuning, this is where you can alter things. You may decide that you want the strings to play the same aai in unison with the piano.

Use this for phrasing brass parts, perhaps, or for special synth filter effects in a bass line or lead line. Related Posts


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