As we all know, the music studio industry has changed enormously over the last two decades. Professional studios with large recording rooms and huge mixing consoles have been on the wane for a considerable time now, having seen their roles taken over by ever more sophisticated home studios and clever software. This huge change in working practices has obviously hit the major analogue console manufacturers hard, and they have had to find other ways to market their core technology and intellectual property. AMS Neve have a long and proud history in the professional audio industry. Today, while interest in large consoles is lower than ever before, DAWs still need good front-ends and decent monitoring facilities — something console manufacturers obviously know all about! Rackmounting in 2U of space, the box extends 14 inches behind the rack ears.

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With the new Neve Summing Mixer, the legendary sound of Neve now becomes available to computer-based producers. Hand-built and hand-wired at the Neve factory in Burnley, England, the Neve allows engineers and producers to mix their music on a true, albeit diminutive, Neve summing mixer.

Additionally, a post-insert mix function can be used for mixing in a separate stem, or blending the mix with a special effect. With four monitor sources, two sets of speakers, independent monitor level control, talkback mic, cue send and headphone outs, the effectively upgrades a digital audio workstation to a professional mixing facility.

But what about the sound? Glad you asked. And what all this means is that the unit delivers the open, punchy mixes for which Neve consoles have long been renowned. The answer is simple: it sounds fabulous and sublime. And the unit can be paired with the Fader Pack, which provides 18 long-throw faders for hands-on control.

We invite users to read the many favorable reviews online, and then visit their local authorised AMS Neve reseller to have an in-person listen.


AMS Neve 8816



8816 Summing Mixer


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