This section contains a couple of tutorials that have been specifically designed for the new user. Each procedure page begins with a video demonstrating how to perform the described steps, which are listed immediately below the video. Additional images and guidance have been provided relative to the main set of meshing, modeling, and analysis tutorials. However, the Quick Start Tutorials are also applicable to the more experienced user. Choose from a linear static stress analysis example and a mechanical event simulation MES example.

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Answered on 29 Oct, AM Hi Gill, For most engineering problems there is no difference in accuracy between Autodesk Simulation and other codes. In terms of the accuracy of FEA, nearly all of the error is related to factors apart from the code itself.

This often trips people up when analyzing sheetmetal parts. I would temper my comments with saying that we never trust any FEA result - we take a "guilty until proven innocent" approach and use hand calculations, testing and other methods to verify the FEA. While I have some limited experience with multiphysics we use the most advanced Solidworks Simulation package premium?

The most important factor for accurate FEA analysis is the person using it. Answered on 9 Feb, AM ansys Answered on 10 Jul, PM Good afternoon, I think that here we have 2 types of engineer: one type which used CAD software with some modules dedicated to analysis which use finite element, and second type which I prefer to denominate specialist and which use dedicated software which used on their job dedicated software to study using finite element.

In fact is not very important software used, if your company or client or professor is agree with your precision of calculus and results. Basically, all differences betweens this softwares even if is modules for CAD or dedicated software contain in the precision of calculus and easiest of use by engineer.

Other details such as how many constraints, loads, load steps, types of study, etc. Most of all softwares have possibility to add basic constraints, basic loads, etc. I think all specialist engineer which use dedicated software and have minimum 5 years of works, will be agree with me.

From my point of view, the answer of your question is already in your post. For other question I am to yours dispositions. Best regards. Answered on 26 Jan, AM Ansys has always been better. And It continue being better. Answered on 9 Apr, PM ok not to change the subject to much but I work where they use Algor, now autodesk we use Solidworks as our main cad software. Trust me i have been using past 2 years. I am student and i know what it takes to learn FEA software.

Ansys may be good but no proper tutorial is available as that of Autodesk Multiphysics Answered on 14 Apr, PM There were some comments about accuracy, so I wanted to share this link with all of you. Here at Autodesk Simulation, we check the accuracy of our software against text book examples and NAFEMS benchmarks and post our finding publicly release after release.

Sualp Ozel, PE.


Which one is better Autodesk Simulation Multiphysics or Ansys?



System requirements for Autodesk Simulation Mechanical/Multiphysics



CAD-embedded finite element analysis software


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