Themes[ edit ] In an interview with noted film critic C. Venkiteswaran of The Hindu newspaper, T. Humanity is the most endangered thing in our lives now; we are not only pushing all other life forms out of the earth, but, in the process, humaneness too, the ability to coexist with others, tolerance for others and all that make human life worth living. This film is about a man who is driven away from place to place by human intolerance, violence and hatred. Finally, he finds a place devoid of humans, in a dilapidated house in the middle of a vast compound, amongst all forms of flora and fauna. He converses with the rats, tortoises and spiders.

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Possibly the longest one I ever read. It took a month it was too long a period for me to complete a Malayalam book for me to complete all the volumes. The most important characteristic of the novel is that the story is carried forward by 8 different protagonists.

And none of them repeats the situations. The setting is in a big Malayali family settled in Malaysia and the story is happening in s. Even though the story is set outside Kerala, the general The longest novel in Malayalam. Even though the story is set outside Kerala, the general atmosphere is that of Kerala. The characters speak fluent Malayalam and think in Malayali culture fluently.

The first few chapters may be first two volumes are sufficiently boring and you may get the feeling of witnessing a Malayalam television mega serial. Go through this ordeal, because the later chapters of the book are really rewarding unfortunately you cannot jump to later chapters by skipping the earlier ones because No, on a serious note, much of the character development of the important characters are happening in the earlier chapters.

The delicate love affair between young Raji and the old widower Unni was deliciously portrayed. The gorgeous backdrop of Malaysian tropical forests would add lot of charm to the story. You need lot of patience, though. Vilasini has captured the saga of a family from Kerala settled in Malaysia through the streams of consciousness of a handful of its main characters.

On the surface, it is a property dispute between cousins - but if you dig deep down, you can see shades of the Mahabharata. There is also a fascinating underplayed love story between a jilted young girl and a much older man, a divorcee with a child, running in a parallel thread. A massive tome well worth the time spent on it.


Avakaasikal | അവകാശികള്‍






Avakasikal Longest Novel in Malayalam Vilasini MK Menon


LEI 11079 PDF

ഭൂമിയുടെ അവകാശികള്‍ | Bhoomiyude Avakaashikal


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