She is the eighth Shakti of Das Mahavidhya. With the help of Baglamukhi Kavach, a person can attain siddhis. It makes the wearer healthy, wealthy and prosperous. It also helps to win court cases or legal disputes.

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Before jumping to Baglamukhi benefits , we should know the story behind Mother Baglamukhi. Maa Baglamukhi story Maa Baglamukhi katha Once upon a time , huge storm erupted on earth , which try to shatter each and every thing on this earth. Things are starting to get destroyed at very fast pace. By seeing such terrible situation , Lord Vishnu was very puzzled as how to stop such big calamity. After some serious thoughts , Lord Vishnu thought to take help from Lord Shiva else whole earth will get destroyed.

After listening Lord Vishnu , Lord Shiva replied that only way to save earth from hurricane will be to worship Mother in Baglamukhi form. After that Maa Baglamukhi had stopped devastating hurricane and save this entire universe from perishing. Through , Maa Baglamukhi story katha , we come to realize that Mother Baglamukhi is one who protects , give shelter , show motherly grace to all devotees on to this earth. Mother Baglamukhi is one who destroys all problems that can come on her devotees.

Mother protects devotees from all sorts of problems that can come in life of the native. By getting that boon , he start hurting poor and innocent persons on this earth. By looking all this , Devtas God and Goddesses start to worship Baglamukhi mata. However , before killing , he asked to be worshipped , which Mother Baglamukhi had agreed and that is the sole reason that he is seen in the photograph of Mother baglamukhi along side. Mother Baglamukhi importance Mother Baglamukhi carries cudgel to pin down troubles faced by devotees.

By worshipping Maa Baglamukhi will able to overcome enemies and negativities in our life and takes us from darkness to lightness. They are in :- Datia district ,Madhya Pradesh India Kangra district , Himachal Pradesh India Nalkheda, Shahjapur , Madhya Pradesh India By getting Yagya , Puja in any of these Maa Baglamukhi Mandir temple , will give relief from sufferings , debts , court cases , trouble from enemies , black magic , reducing problems related to mars, positivity and mind stability.

Vedic Mantras provides cosmic energies that purify our body as well as our environment. Mantras give mental peace , relaxation , good health as strong vibrations produced have positive effect on to our body , which is scientifically proved too.

Who can listen Mother baglamukhi Mantra? Anybody can listen Maa baglamukhi mantra but women should take care to avoid reciting mantra in periods. Baglamukhi Mantra benefits: Pin down our sorrows , worry , anxieties , mental stress ,get mental strength , courage and positivity in our life. Reducing debts related problems. Enemies will not able to harm. All there plots will be ineffective against you.

Protection from Black magic. Better studies with better mental concentration. Success in competitions. Curbing bad effects of Mars. Before reciting Baglamukhi mantra , you should recite Baglamukhi kavach to get best results.

Better time to recite Baglamukhi Mantra will be in morning after talking bath or can be recited in night too. Sit on Yellow cloth. Keep Maa Baglamukhi image in front of you. After completion of Baglamukhi Mantra, distribute fruit in form of Prasad between family members. Reciting or listening Baglamukhi Mantra will be good for betterment in above significations mentioned above. How much count of Baglamukhi Mantras are required in a day?

If there is devotion , reciting Baglamukhi mantra daily once will be enough but without dedication and faith , even recitation of 1 lakh Baglamukhi mantras will not give you benefit.

However, as far as intensity of Baglamukhi mantra is concerned, it will depend upon problems you are facing, however in general terms, Baglamukhi mantra can be recited 9 ,27 , , , , , times with the help of Turmeric haldi mala. If you cannot recite, let vedic priests recite Baglamukhi Mantras on your behalf in form of Baglamukhi yagya or Baglamukhi Puja.

Yagya is the process of giving offering in fire which will be helpful to make direct contact with Supreme and to get blessings from God. For the sake and benefit of clients , we had come up with Baglamukhi Shanti yagya. Baglamukhi Puja normally starts on Friday, Tuesday or in navratri period and can continue till days , which will depend upon ,how much recitation of mantras had to be done in performing Baglamukhi shanti yagya. Major point in Baglamukhi Pooja will be to recite Baglamukhi mantras which can go higher till 1,25, Baglamukhi mantras.

Higher recitation of Baglamukhi mantras will be helpful in litigation, court, overcoming enemies, reducing obstructions in life. After sankalp, vedic priests will lit fire , remember Lord Ganesha, kalasha poojan will be performed and after performing some other vedic rituals , start to recite Baglamukhi mantras.

Baglamukhi yagya can be finished in one day or can last till days as well, which will again depend upon, how much Baglamukhi mantras had to be recited to complete Baglamukhi Shanti yagya. This process goes in recycle and will require experienced vedic priests to complete Baglamukhi pooja. Ahuti or samagri mixture that is put in fire can slightly vary for different pooja but altogether remains same while performing yagya. Here basic thing is devotion , dedication and faith while performing pooja which had to be there in client.

At the end of the day, dry coconut is filled with specific things and offered in fire and then same process will continue next day, till the time, complete cycles of Baglamukhi mantras are not finished in specified manner. At the end of the pooja as well as on particular day , parikrama moving in circle besides havan kund is done by vedic priests.

After completion of mantras, Pooja is organized for other God and Goddess too to take their blessing and different offerings like flowers , fruits , sweets , ghee , rice , milk , curd , honey are given to Gods and Goddesses.

In completion ceremony, head pundit will announce that, He along with assistant pundits had completed Baglamukhi Puja in specified number of times and please bless native by fulfilling client wish. Till the start and finish of Baglamukhi Pooja , one had to refrain from eating non-veg foods , liquor etc. Native had to shed aggression and violence activities. Daily after taking bath , had to pray to Mother Baglamukhi for getting success in Baglamukhi Puja. After completion of Baglamukhi Puja , vedic priests will be given dakshina Fees on client behalf.

In this way , Baglamukhi pooja will be completed and one can get relief from enemies that might be acting as hurdle in one life.


Baglamukhi Kavach in Hindi ( बगलामुखी कवच )

Iconography[ edit ] Another interpretation translates her name as "Kalyani". The Dwi-Bhuja depiction is the more common and is described as the "Soumya" or milder form. She holds a club in her right hand with which she beats a demon, while pulling his tongue out with her left hand. This image is sometimes interpreted as an exhibition of stambhana, the power to stun or paralyse an enemy into silence. Other Mahavidya goddesses are also said to represent similar powers useful for defeating enemies, to be invoked by their worshippers through various rituals. Bagalamukhi is also called Pitambaradevi, Shatrubuddhivinashini and Brahmastra Roopini and she turns each thing into its opposite. The Tantrasara describes her iconography: Bagalamukhi sits in a golden throne in the midst of an ocean in an altar.


baglamukhi kavach in hindi and english बगलामुखी कवच



baglamukhi kavach benefits


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