Constant Q Graphic EQ Larger Images Graphic equalisers are found in just about every sound application, from room contouring to feedback control and general audio sweetening. So we provided the Opal FCS with separate LF and HF contour filters which can change an overall sound balance without disturbing a detailed room or loudspeaker response. These filters are very musical gentle boost and cut shelving filters which can be used to add or remove room effects that change with temperature, audience numbers or humidity. All these effects can be easily made without disturbing the critical fader settings already made. The faders are long-throw 45mm types for precision control.

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Contents Contents 1. Page 4 Contents 8. Page 5: Mechanical Installation Mechanical Installation 1. Ventilation gaps are unnecessary. Before you go any further, please check the unit for any physical damage and retain the shipping carton and all relevant packing materials for use, should the unit need returning.

Page 7: Introduction Introduction protection against damage and fire. Note: For USA and Canadian users, the replacement fuse must be of an identical UL rated type fuse for continued compliance with safety standards.

Page 9 All numbers in bubbles refer to Section numbers. Page Audio Connections Audio Connections 5. Each is electronically balanced on standard 3 pin female XLRs at an impedance greater than 10k Ohms. Fig 5. Page 13 When feeding the FCS from unbalanced sources, connect as follows.

Note the link between the two end pins. Page Control Operations Control operations 6. This condition also occurs when the power is off, and ensures that the signal is passed through the unit in the case of a power or fuse failure.

Page Hp Filter 6. Judicious use of this control may allow more boost to be applied with the main graphic section, as unwanted lower frequencies are removed before the main signal is boosted. Page Hf Contour Control operations 6. The HF contour control allows a subtle change to be made to the shape of the sound without affecting the previously configured main equalizer.

Page Clip Indicators 6. These three places are: the output of the contour section, the output of the main equalizer section, and the output from the gain control section. It finds uses both in recording environments and live performance, graphic? The graphic equalizer is a very powerful tool, and as with all powerful devices caution should be exercised or problems will occur. A flute for example, generating relatively pure tones, will only have energy in a small number of bands at a given time, whereas a guitar has harmonics covering most bands.

Page 20 General guide to equalising Fig 7. Figure 7. Page Application Examples Application examples 8. Controls that are not greyed out should be set to the value shown - refer to the text where no initial setting is shown. Those controls which are greyed out can be set to any value, and are not critical to the example.

Page Feedback Reduction Application examples 8. It is far better to reduce the level of peaks than try to fill in large holes. The LF contour control has many uses, but one particular application concerns small PA systems and presentations that contain both pre-recorded material and live presentations. Page Warranty Information 9. Page Specifications Specifications


BSS Audio FCS 966 User Manual



Bss Audio FCS-960 Manuals


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