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He is one of those composers whose work tends to remain somewhere in the corner of recalled musical history — someone known as a talented, enjoyable figure, but one who presses at the edges of no boundaries and changes little in the development of the art.

One might wish it were otherwise, but it would be a pity to let such a thought mar the enjoyment of his relatively limited output his work as a performer filled the bulk of his creative time. His Symphony No. Notes accompanying the recording give the date of its composition as , while the track listing attributes it to , in two places, in the booklet and on the cover of the CD. The Symphony shows hints of earlier composers, but with strong Hungarian influences.

There is an evident mastery of orchestral sound, with some delicious writing for cor anglais in the first movement and a delight in the interplay of woodwinds and strings.

Innovatory is the intermezzo andante poco moto , an additional movement between a traditionally placed Scherzo and Finale. This little three-minute movement is light and delightful — the one that stayed longest in my memory, but it seems unbalanced against the symphony as a whole, with its long first, second and last movement. The Symphonic Minutes from are charmers — five movements inspired by dance have a lively elegance and joie-de-vivre.

They plumb no great emotional depths — a touch of whimsy here, a little excitement there — but are none the worse for that. Recording quality is very good, and performances are committed and if occasionally imprecise in detail.

A worthy disc, if not an essential one. Michael Wilkinson.


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