If they do not know the same people, they could w rite down what they have decided to buy and where and th en explain their choice to their partner. After students have read the questions, point this out to them, and warn them against basing their an swe rs on a si ngle word or phrase. You can encourage students to follow the overall argument by asking them to focus on the links between the ideas in individ ual questions. For example, question 6 asks about a cause and effect.

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You are on page 1of 30 Search inside document Answer key unit 1 Wa 2f 3a 3. We played some realy awful gigs on our way up the ladder. Vet up 2 shot up 3 gearing up lined up 5 put out Grammar 1 p. Ths pattern of evolition — with back music being adopted by the mainstream —has been around since jazz and blues spread inthe early 20th century. In other words, ts not ust some guys with guitars moaning about thes genends. C, D lin anyoorder wa Sinfkential 6 al 7 dsvocion Bifonunately Stexonabie 10 tecmologeal Speaking p.

Grammar 2 p. Fe been trying to get a reconing contract for months now. And students are 2 group wth a complex felationship to brands. My fm has done some research and hes found a lt of silates globally n behaviour in the typical student age range of eighteen to twenty-one. The eighteen to twenty-one ategong.

M:- The realty 6 that we still have those inner drives. Wel, clearly advertising plays some par, though les 50 for ths sfudent group than others. Ths because they typically seek out something that sets them apart from their peers and this the principal motivation for brand selection. Sports goods? Fr its interesting that advertising sclalmed at a more important thing fs.

Tt yu hace a car a ceatep ape pape be peng igor founds Min ard W coud wake, ps fe Ett. My friend became very jealaus of me, My friend copied everything did My frend got very angn. He was rght. Eventlly he give up cofmmunicating with me completely. Maybe they are thinking of geting marred and oftheir fei fren of the. Maybe they rethinking of getting tmared and of thie Mei font of tern. Al the same ime. Also many older people inthe UK are very active and even do extromm.

I exploding land] the deute youth, Beauty and perfection shows no signe of sowing down. Ht you answered 1b, 28, 3a, 4a you ae very sympathetic to science and appre of research, 1M your answers weee mixed then you feel ambivalent about sconce. F: Oh yeah where the bloke had loads of hse replaced with Bionic limbs and things hut could do anything. Briar idea IM: saw they were thinking ef remaking it but hope they dont it always had the same plot and thought tw al oo a fetched rsa.

The bloke who acted the man pat never cid anything ese, id he? Yes think so. To meet other people? Must dash now. The big companies wil get move and more involved they think it ill add to their profit 9 the long ru Wyeu look back, the pace of change ts creasing. Supposing you won the lottery, would you give up working? Use of English p. Speaking p. Stefan: ail n father monotonous tone es, hes. And there are Several possibilies for altemative medicine now.

Reports and essays do nee! Comme and gv 8 go! Good morning. Television companies pay the clubs handsomely, and justiy their expenditure by saturating vewors with matches.

More valid s the clam that ticket prices. ME: Oooh, a tricky one. MF: ery ue. You con abe why gets peoples hackles Up. None of us Has job ike that 1: Sedo you think there 6 solution owl it just go on and MF: "Yes, ther 1s a serious debate now about ths. But theres ro reason why pers could? Sporting Speaking p. Frnt aoe aqme [And what he? How do yousee it? Yeah, ag1ee.

And team sprit. Fm not eure 07 th that so much But think fitness teal bereft at ays wath you in your onal Ke. Ard wt he? Shall wwe say fitness and concentration? So are we agreed then? M: Yeah, Grammar 2 p. Shines when as many as possible can participate and watch.

My Me Misotee die recently and since then my dad and have been Shy close. Suppose we buy dod a present together? She waved untl the tain was out of sight. Of cours, come people 6. One woman told researchers she was worred Another fly said that they hhad had a lot of chikren because they were considered 3 benefit to the farm they lived on, Inthe city In addition, she is very rich so she could Uundectake Jot of tasks herself without much need to be funded.

Howes, the lal designs can more Romrnatch these torical busking, Races the sce nthe ray that poured to ther.


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