All models discontinued in June, Along with the Elan Series introduced a year later in , both of these series have turned out and proven to be immensely popular EOS models. The Rebel, in particular has a compact, lightweight weighs merely g with battery , highly affordable and features-laden body. One of the many innovative feature is its 10 iconized pictorial symbols on the control dial to set various operational modes, these serve as easy reference even to photographic beginners. This unusual method of conversion can transform the camera from an all programmed auto body to offer some form of manual control over shutter speeds.

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All rights reserved. Please respect the visual property of the contributing photographer. The Company adopted the same philosophy of the predecessor with two separate models in either a choice of basic body or one with a built-in flash version.

Wel, the silent waves camera operation in some of these EOS bodies also work efficiently with the emergence of the second generation of micro-USM lenses. Well, generally, I used to separate the original and second series via its new vertical-travel, focal-plane electronic shutter, which has an extended shutter speed range from 30 sec. Other notable improvements over previous models are a slightly more powerful GNO 14 as compared with 12 flash output for the built in flash for applicable models and a built-in soft focus mode.

However, one discomforting part in the design of the camera is still centered around the black EF reinforced plastic lense bayonet mount.

Although the camera is primarily designed for mass amateur users, where presumably owners may not always be frequently changing lenses, but the cleverly stealth black lense bayonet mount is one area that might raise some doubt over durability issue.

The metering and exposure control modes provide is extensive enough for anyone to make good use of them for tackling any photographic situations. One advantage of the upgrade to this popular EOS body is, since most of the controls are designed and located almost the same manner with many other Canon, user may easily get accustomed to this camera.

Although it is not exactly a high-end spec EOS SLR, but it serves its purpose well to provide a good, reasonably well finished camera body to tab into the huge EOS photographic system. A panorama frame is also attached to the focusing screen. External identifications are indicated by the red outlines. Other features remain literally unchanged.

Image courtesy of Mr. Shutter: Vertical-travel, focal-plane electronic shutter. Viewfinder: Fixed eye-level pentaprism. Viewfinder magnifications: 0. Focusing Screen: Fixed type with AF frame with partial metering area mark. AE lock enabled. Built-in Flash: Located on pentaprism hump. Manually retractable head with TTL autoflash control fires automatically in backlight and low-light conditions with off-the-film OTF metering. Guide No. First, the entire roll is wound on the take-up spool.

Then each time a picture is taken, the film advances back into the cartridge. Film advance speed: 1 fps. Film Rewind: After the last frame is exposed, the film is rewound automatically. Self timer: Built-in electronic self-timer with beeper and selectable musical melodies by Vivaldi, Beethoven and Bach. Dimensions: mm x


Canon EOS 1000F N Manuals

It has a wide range of features, including 9 auto modes plus manual, a built in flash and full viewfinder information, and is in good condition with body cap, rubber eyecup and Lithium battery. Exposure modes include variable program, shutter priority, aperture priority, metered manual, fully auto and four subject-based modes; portraits, landscapes, close ups and sports. Note that this is the original better depth mode, not the later and inferior A-DEP mode offered on some newer cameras. Aperture priority auto, manual and TTL flash modes also work with several types of manual lenses and accessories using adapters not included - see below.


Canon EOS 1000



Canon EOS 1000 N Instructions Manual



Canon EOS 1000D


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