Dreamstime Recently, there is a slow but noticeable growing trend in Western flute players and musicians from around the world wanting to learn the Carnatic flute of India not to be confused with the Bansuri. The reason as to why? Well, for starters, the Carnatic flute is mainly used in South Indian Carnatic music and it has a unique sound to it with capabilities of reaching the fine nuances in music. The flute is also an ancient instrument of India and is one of the major components of Indian music, in practically every genre. It is one of the many instruments in India that takes the culture of the country and connects it to the musician and audience alike.

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I have had online classes before with other online teachers but what makes Bmusician different is the way in which classes are conducted. Teachers are are very dedicated and organized. The class room is one of most innovative way of video calling facilities with screen recording etc. The video and audio clarity is much better than skype or facetime ID. Happy to be part of this team and hope one day i will contribute in return. I have a lot of positive feedback for you guys.

In terms of the website, it is very user-friendly, and I love the ability to reschedule classes easily. The Guru Notes Timeline is also a brilliant touch, and it clearly summarizes my weak points to practice more, as well as shows me how much I have improved over the last month.

Apart from the website side, Guitar Shylu has been a great teacher - very patient and explains the concepts beautifully : " Aditya Venkataraman, Singapore Beginner Carnatic Guitar "My kid has worked over an hour on Korvai composition techniques every single day in the last week with so much passion, without me insisting her to do so.

I never ever thought that she will be drawn so much into Konokkol. This would never have been possible without Bmusician and mainly her Guru. Prapancham Surendran. Huge Huge thanks to him and Bmusician. I feel the development of this bmusician platform is a right decision, made for the right reason He understands the student very well and he keeps up pace of the class balanced without making the class boring or making the student tired. His fingering exercises are really good, he makes them very easy to understand.

Very few have such talents and he is definitely one of them. Bmusician keeps the classes so organised with class recordings and High quality video and audio. Fortunate to have a Guru like him and part of Bmusician.

Every classroom recording is a treasure! He is learning Guitar under Mr. Abhishek Varadarajan. Abhishek is a really good, encouraging, friendly guru. Also, the platform is user friendly. The support staff are prompt and very responsible. Very Very great oppurtunity for people who are passionate about learning carnatic classical music and out of reach to proper resources.

We combine the skills of top notch gurus and cutting-edge technology to provide an unparalleled music learning experience.


Beginner Carnatic Flute



Learn Basics of South Indian Carnatic Flute – Step by Step


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