Like so many other Kristan Higgins books, this book is about the heroine and her figuring life out I find the romance in the novels are just an added bonus I ve read a lot of criticism about Malone and how little he contributed to the book I tend to disagree with this This isn t HIS book so I was okay with not getting too much insight into him Unlike her other books, told from the third person, this is told in the first person and really lets us dive into Maggie s story It was great getting a read, or lack of, as was often the case, of Malone You don t talk much, do you, Malone I ask. This book was no different A story about finding love in the most unlikely of places and realizing what you ve always wanted sits right under your nose I really liked Maggie, she was a sweet and loyal woman proud to serve her town by running the local diner Being part of a twin set, she s always wanted what her sister had a family and doting husband But so far, Gideon Cove hasn t provided the best of candidates Did I mention she s in love with her Sexy, Irish priest Ha After some hilarious bad dates and false starts, she hits it off with the unlikely love interest in the form of a quiet and intense lobsterman named Malone But he was never in the running, never an option Him turning out to be the dark horse in her quest for love was surprising and sweet I loved Malone He was ruggedly handsome, compared to Clive Owen no less. This book won the Rita for Best Contemporary single title I am always on the lookout for a good contemporary book and the blurb for this sounded hysterical So I ran over to my local library and picked it up. I devoured this book in one sitting It was sweet, funny as hell and totally romantic I am a total Kristan Higgins convert Maggie Beaumont is the owner and operator of a charming family diner in Maine She loves her family and her job and her life Everything would be perfection if she could just find that great guy, get married and have babies But Maggie has the absolute worst dating luck Not only that, but her dating blunders are always cringingly public and offer great fodder for gossip for the whole town the low point was when she told everyone that the new guy in town was her soul mate only to learn to her horror he was the new parish priest It wouldn t be so bad if her identical twin sister had hit the life lottery and married a wonderful and handsome doctor and had the most adorable baby ever.

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I feel like I say this for every review I write for her novels, but Kristan Higgins is such a fantastic writer.

Her books are funny and heartwarming. Catch of the Day is no exception. I began giggling almost immediately as the premise for the book unfolded in the first several pages. Girl gets a crush. Girl mistakenly misses the part where boy reveals he is actually a priest. Girl then decides to spread the word about this new boy she is crazy about to everyone in her small community.

I stared straight ahead, my heart pumping so hard I could hear the blood rushing through my veins. We are treated to some unforgettable characters and, as always, some interesting blind dates. Albert Mikrete," I say when he answers. It seems that Father Bruce was thinking of the wrong person She was so sweet and, yes, a pushover at times.

I really loved her sense of humour. I especially loved her relationship with her twin sister. I find the romance in the novels are just an added bonus. I tend to disagree with this. It was great getting a read, or lack of, as was often the case, of Malone. The lines around his eyes deepen and the corners of his mouth move upward a fraction. What do you think?

Father Tim! I thought I hit the button for my sister I cried like a baby for quite a bit of this book. This one goes on my favourites list and I will definitely be re-reading this one again.


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