This book started for me what became a lifelong love affair with the science fiction genre. I also think that Cat, the main character, also counts as my first literary crush. After that first encounter, I reread it, and the book prior to and the two books that came after it, far more times than I can remember. I would recommend everything by Joan D. Vinge but I will say, if you get hooked by her, you are destined to be frustrated as she is not a prolific writer, merely an amazing one. That said, not everyone is happy with this arrangement including Elnear herself , and sometimes Cat ends up babysitting, dealing with VIPs sulking, or skulking about trying to find someone to bang.

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Showing of 11 next show all A sequel to Psion but a very different book. There is an indeed a trip through cyberspace. As with such fiction, his client is an incredibly wealthy family with all kinds of secrets, the bad guys have great power, his slum-born habits and attitude cause friction constantly, several beautiful women sleep with him, he gets beaten up pretty badly, and he eventually saves the day.

In this addictive series, Vinge shows deep character growth for Cat. But his awareness that the world is willing to grind him under a boot heel is never far from his thoughts. There is more political intrigue in this novel--plots within plots, and Cat has to learn to navigate them to keep himself and others alive. Also, "Catspaw," shows a Cat who has grown emotionally, and is a more sympathetic character. I recommend both, but "Catspaw can be read as a stand-alone book.

The events of "Psion" are integrated into "Catspaw" as a rich backstory. Malora Jan 18, This sequel to Psion again sees Cat charting his own course in the face of some very powerful people. Choices are made. People do terrible things, and wonderful things. No one is what they seem.

Except Daric, who really is that much of an asshole. This book contains one very s trip through cyberspace. Overall, great worldbuilding, larger than life characters, and a compelling plot. I can honestly say that it is one of my all time favorites! Joan D.

Vinge is a wonderful, feminist cyberpunk author - also an anthropologist.



Best known for her beloved Deryni series, Katherine Kurtz rockets into new territory in this breathtaking science fiction murder mystery. The interstellar cruiser Valkyrie has been ordered to take an unexpected detour from its normal route to pick up a strange and valuable cargo. George Lutobo cannot disobey the commands of his emperor, but the idea of bringing four huge, blue-furred lionlike creatures onboard a luxury vessel makes the captain uneasy. Though these magnificent felines possess remarkable psychic abilities and are worshipped as deities on their home planet—and, for that reason, are essential components of the diplomatic negotiations between worlds—they are nevertheless frighteningly dangerous beasts, powerfully built, with razor-sharp claws and teeth.


Alien Blood: Psion / Catspaw

Zololmaran Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Cat is the kind of character a reader can understand — the outsider who finds his courage and his morals challenged, and shows himself better than many of the people he is now forced to work for. Thanks for telling us about the problem. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Cat needs stronger drugs for his talent to work completely, so he has to go to the wrong part of town to get what he needs and is almost killed, and ends up meeting a long-lost friend.





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