Place the Round Marker token on space 1 8. Place the Resources and the Prestige Points faceup close to the board to form the supply 9. Each player chooses a color. They take the corresponding Houses and place 1 of them under the Guilds Bridge They also take Workers in their color.

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Game mechanics[ edit ] The goal of Caylus is to amass the most prestige points by constructing buildings and by working on the castle of Caylus in medieval France. Caylus does not include the random elements found in many board games, such as cards and dice. The only exceptions to this are the placement of the six neutral buildings leading to possible starting configurations and the initial turn order, both of which are determined randomly at the beginning of the game.

However, the effect of random initial turn order is minimal because players whose turn is later start off with a higher amount of money. The basic mechanics of the game include: Resources[ edit ] Resource cubes of five types: food pink , wood brown , cloth purple , stone gray , and gold yellow. These are used to build buildings and the castle. Workers: Each player has six workers, which can be placed on buildings to harvest resources, construct more buildings, build the castle, and more.

Bailiff: The bailiff moves either one or two spaces from his starting spot on every turn in the game. The pace of his movement can be influenced by the players through the Provost see below. When the bailiff reaches a pre-determined space, he triggers the conclusion of a phase of construction of Caylus castle see below. When the bailiff reaches the third such space, the game is over. Provost: The provost indicates by his position which of the workers placed by the players will be allowed to work on any given turn: workers ahead of him are not allowed to work.

Furthermore, if at the end of a turn the provost ends up on or behind the bailiff, then the bailiff will only move one space forward that round. If the provost is in front of the bailiff, then the bailiff moves ahead two spaces, thus shortening the game. Money: Caylus currency is called the denier.

Neutral buildings: Six neutral buildings are randomly placed at the start of the game; along with initial turn order, this is the only source of randomness in the game. Player buildings: By placing a worker on a construction building, a player can construct a new building; each new building has a fixed cost of 2 to 8 resource cubes some costs being a white wildcard, allowing payment of any resource type. Once built, all players can use the new building, but the original builder gets a bonus every time an opponent uses it.

Building the castle: By placing a worker in the castle, a player can send a "batch" of three different resource cubes one of which must be food to help construct the castle of Caylus and reap prestige points and royal favors. Royal favors: Players who contribute to the royal cause by building the castle, using the jousting field, or constructing certain buildings are granted royal favors. In the story of the game, prestige and royal favors are granted by King Philip the Fair.

Royal favors can take the form of prestige points, money, resources, or discounted, unblockable access to construct buildings. These royal favors can often be the deciding factor in the game, when used cleverly. Turns[ edit ] A turn in Caylus consists of 8 phases: Income. Placement of workers. According to the turn order, players take turns placing their workers on unoccupied spaces with some exceptions.

Each worker placement costs 1 denier. The players may pass once they have placed all the workers they want or can afford. Every time a player passes, the cost of placing additional workers on that turn increases by 1 for the other players. Activation of special buildings. The special buildings the first 5 buildings after the castle, but before the bridge are activated, and their effects are applied. The provost moves. Each player in order of passing has the opportunity to move the provost backward or forward by paying 1 denier per space, up to a maximum of 3.

After this phase, any workers that are located after the provost are removed, as they are not allowed to work. Activation of buildings. Starting with the first neutral pink building after the bridge, all remaining buildings activate in order. Building of the castle. Players build the section of the castle dungeon, walls, or tower that is currently under construction. This is done in the order in which players placed their workers to build the castle. The end of the turn. The bailiff moves along the road.

He moves forward 2 spaces if the provost is ahead of him, and 1 space if the provost is on the same space as he or behind him. He never moves backwards. Once the bailiff has been moved, the provost is placed on the same square as the bailiff. Scoring of sections. If the bailiff reaches a scoring point, or a section of the castle is completed, then that section is scored. The player who is at the top of the turn order starts the next turn.

The game ends when the bailiff reaches the Tower scoring point, or when all the tower spaces have been built automatically triggering the scoring of the Tower section. After the final prestige points are awarded for any leftover money and resources, the player with the most prestige points wins the game.

Awards[ edit ] Caylus initially gained public acclaim when it was rated the number one game of the October game fair in Essen, Germany by a public vote conducted by Fairplay Magazine. A second printing was released in February , including new cardboard coins to replace the gray plastic tiddlywinks -style coins from the original release. Although Caylus was not nominated for the Spiel des Jahres , the jury awarded it a special prize Sonderpreis Komplexes Spiel for the best complex game of


Caylus 1303 Game Rules

If a player wants to pass or must pass because of a lack of workers or money, they put their color marker Caylus Box cover of Caylus. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Box cover of Caylus. Pages using deprecated image syntax Pages using infobox game with unknown parameters. Income seems fairly limited?




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