Novice Ex : As the adventurer is an untrained individual he is prone to experiment with actions instead of sticking to whatever has worked in the past. Occasionally this will work in his favor, and luck plays a great part throughout his adventuring career. Once per day per every two adventurer levels and adventurer may reroll any die that he has just rolled. The adventurer must take the results of the second roll even if they are worse than the original roll.

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Sharpen Your Survival Skills Taverns are filled with tales of talented heroes and their breathtaking exploits. The prowess and ingenuity of these remarkable characters gives them the edge to succeed where others cannot.

Along with new base classes, prestige classes, feats, spells, monsters, and magic items, Complete Adventurer provides alternate uses for skills and other options that expand the capabilities of the most versatile heroes. Showing Class. All three classes are well constructed and well balanced, filling a niche for players who like skill-heavy characters.

Move at least 10 feet each round and get a significent bonus on damage; stay planted in one location and give it up. The class is focused primarily on mobility, and in a game where giving up a full attack is usually a bad tactical choice, the scout makes a nimble and maneuverable into a viable option. Prestige Aplenty. In a campaign where information is more important than gold, for instance, the shadowmind a psionic spy would be a joy to play.

Seven prestige classes in this chapter tie into organizations presented later in the book. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing depends on how much your campaign uses orginations, of course, but I like the idea of classes being tied to larger groups in the campaign world. It gives a PC the feeling of being a part of something larger than just themselves, and the details are fairly easy for a DM to customize.

The tradeoff is that such classes often feel a bit odd in campaigns where the DM chooses not to feature the organization prominently. Skills and Teamwork. With rogues being so skill-focused, the ability to improve skill checks for the other characters at the table often becomes incredibly useful.

Skill synergies and greater bonuses for high aid another checks make that possible. Chapter three also gives rules for expanded skill descriptions that are possible with high checks. Take on your check, and you can. Rules like this help make high-level play fun and challenging. There are a number of feats in this chapter as well. Some are designed to make certain multiclass combinations, like monk and paladin or monk and rogue, effective and viable.

Others allow interesting combat options, such as excluding an ally from a spell area effect for gaining a second reflex save at the cost of falling prone. Of particular note are the number of bard-related feats, quite useful if you feel your bard has been somewhat neglected in supplements. The "Tools and Equipment" chapter focuses on quite a few magic items, a few exotic weapons, alchemical devices, masterwork instruments for bards, and various tools to boost or improve roguish skill checks.

Your DM may decide to be old school. Better safe than sorry. The assassin and bard spells are particularly fun, with many of the bard spells thematically centered around music. Getting Organized. Depending on your campaign needs, this section is either invaluable or just interesting reading material. Whether an organization supports a PC or is a major antagonist and it very well may be both , these are loaded down with adventure hooks and mechanical benefits for joining. Complete Adventurer finishes out the Complete books in fine style.

About the Creators. Not a bad career path. Nowadays he is a senior game designer at Secret Identity Studios. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to kevin. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.


Complete Adventurer

It starts off with three new core classes. The last is a spellthief, offering a strange set of abilities that allows the character to "steal" spells, abilities, powers, and even resistances of those they sneak attack Still, these classes are somewhat A sourcebook that proclaims itself as offering options for "skillful" classes. Still, these classes are somewhat unique and different from the core classes. The prestige classes are all over the place.


3.5 Complete Adventurer, Ninja, Sudden Strike ability


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