Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. Rachel is discovered missing from the Keep. That night, the witch woman Six enters the Keep and steals the third box of Orden from Nicci and Zedd. Three Sisters of the Dark enter, killing Ann and capturing Nicci, while soldiers are sent into the catacombs to prepare an attack. Richard, after realizing that Jagang and the Sisters with him would recognize him during team inspections and throughout the tournament, disguises himself by covering the faces and bodies of his teammates and himself with intimidating symbols and parts of spell-forms.

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We made it, Kahlan is saved again and Mr. Goodkind gets to pontificate seemingly endlessly about his views, beliefs, and the weaknesses and foolishness of anyone who disagrees with him. More of the book is dedicated to his dogma than the story. But, I survived, At last! But, I survived, with the help of library audio copies. I liked the first few books in this series. We got the "heroic" love story Oh well. As the books progressed they began to, fade. First we hit a sort of formula.

Richard loves Kahlan, Richard looses Kahlan, Richard and Kahlan will for some insurmountable magic reason never be able to be together again, "amazingly" Richard surmounts the insurmountable problem. You can only do this so many times thus the story began to branch out a bit. Over time more and more however Mr. Goodkind gave more and more book space to his own ideas and beliefs. More and more his diatribes became a bit, vitriolic. Do you disagree with Mr. The story here really takes a backseat to the lectures and by the time we get to the end, the climax, the answer to it all Mr.

Goodkind is well wound up. So, if you agree and so forth, why enjoy. Why did I finish the series? I was trapped. I got started with my son and some friends. They were still plowing through them, so with the help of the library I finished, got closure and can now call my life my own again. Well it will be as soon as Brandon Sanderson ties up the Wheel of Time saga I got trapped in that series to.

Since I wrote this that series to has been tied up Free at last! Another one that started out well and sucked me in! As you read this if you can stay with the story as Mr. And so ending with yet another diatribe Mr.


Confessor Audiobook – Sword of Truth Book 11






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