They are correct. Every time you are about to sign a big contract in life, expect to meet with a fatal accident while getting out of the car on your way to signing the contract. In fact, every time you are about to start the greatest speech or concert of your life, expect to fall flat on the stage and break your nose. Have you worked very hard on the most important project of your life? Stay put. On the day of submission, your computer will be attacked by the latest virus which will eat up your whole project without a burp.

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Jan 01, Saswata Chatterjee rated it it was amazing This book came to my life, where I was spin-headed, demotivated, spineless.

The simple or charged words of arindam chaudhuri eletrified me and gave me a reason to fight back. I owe this book big time. May 10, Naneen rated it liked it A management book made exclusively for Indian system. Mar 20, Saffin Mathew rated it liked it The ideas are a mix of what you find in many books on management. Some pages are repetitive. It really makes sense to develop and practice a style of management that takes into account the Indian psychology and leads people accordingly.

Jan 26, Regi rated it it was ok Oh My God! The first ever management book which I started, managed and completed reading. Thanks it had only pages.

I claim it as my first non-story book If the below one is not counted. I crossed pages two times and still it is in my reading list. I have lent this book to my colleague. He too expressed his discomfort in reading such kind of books. Knowledge is sometimes boring for people like Oh My God! Knowledge is sometimes boring for people like me who loves fantasies more than anything else.

About the author: I have liked his page in facebook without knowing about him. And also, I re-called the newspaper ads, where I saw his face frequently.

My friend who was from IIPM has dislikes towards his books as they as students, were forced to read his books. About the book: The book was moderately well. Since few pages were new to me. I read this book with josh at few places and slept when I felt like too much theory. I always wanted to manage my own company and I have an urge to become an entrepreneur.

I was searching If this book could give out some tips on this. The answer was no. The book is well suited for people working in organisation.

And one could ascertain that each one of us has got a Management style of our own. I could feel that the gap of not pursuing MBA could be filled by reading management related books. Its me, I and my art of management.


Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch: Theory In Management



Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch


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