The Greater Key of Deminul Pentru a te asigura ca ai primit exact ce ai comandat, ai posibilitatea sa deschizi coletul la livrare si sa verifici continutul acestuia inainte de plata. Andrew Murray on Prayer, Paperback. In the Kitchen, Paperback. The Grimoire of Solomon, Paperback.

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What if that? What will I do? Is it real? It might undo the heartache you have suffered. We installed CCTV, to catch him in the act, his friends also The dirty drug dealers, in the next block over, imposing their Will, I think my head is going to Blow!

Have these people walked straight off the set of the Jeremy Kyle Show? Hoarding rubbish, loud noise, every day is a party, it is driving me Insane Building alliances with other neighbours, and pointing the finger of Blame Suburbia is becoming a ghetto, and quirky is the new normal Any rationale, is replaced with hate, now it is fine to be abnormal Do as thou wilt, in this new paradigm, it is all inverted Only criminals are helped, along with deviants, and people who are perverted The drug dealers complained about our cameras, WTF!

The left wing housing officer ordered us to remove them! Cheeky fucking SOD. Since these people have been moved in, the area now is not nice Needles, rubbish, noise, leering, violence and all types of Vice I am so hoping I can leave this suburban Rut As I write this poem, tremors cramp my gut The bipolar is starting to kick in, I feel wired But do not have any energy left, I am so tired I find it really hard these days to get up and be inspired When I am surrounded by hate, deviants, it is a swamp, a quagmire Is there anybody?

Who can give me some advice, aid me in any way? To gain popularity for my prose, I have no income, only PIP, a pittance of pay Took me eighteen months, such stress, to get it Even though I paid in for years, a system that is Shit! Where do we draw the line? But remember he is vulnerable, according to the left And everybody else is bigoted, racist, and cruel at best So what is to become of the majority of people?

Do we carry on with the acquiescence? Like robots or sheeple? Are we as humanity completely free? Can we say what we want? Is there transparency? Do the leaders do a good job? Do they care? Are we in Fear?


Demonul amiezii, de Andrew Solomon – O anatomie a depresiei



Demonul amiezii. O anatomie a depresiei


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