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Please note there is a week delivery period for this title. Almost without anybody noticing, a new cultural paradigm has taken center stage, displacing an exhausted and increasingly marginalized postmodernism. Alan Kirby calls this cultural paradigm digimodernism, a name comprising both its central technical mode and the privileging of fingers and thumbs inherent in its use. With users intervening physically in the creation of texts, our electronically-dependent society is becoming more involved in the grand narrative.

To clarify these trends, Kirby compares them to the contrasting tendencies of the preceding postmodern era. In defining this new cultural age, the author avoids both facile euphoria and pessimistic fatalism, aiming instead to understand and thereby gain control of a cultural mode which seems, as though from nowhere, to have engulfed our society.

With new technologies unfolding almost daily, this work will help to categorize and explain our new digital world and our place in it, as well as equip us with a better understanding of the digital technologies that have a massive impact on our culture. Table of contents 1. The Arguable Death of Postmodernism 2. The Digimodernist Text 3. A Prehistory of Digimodernism 4.

Digimodernism and Web 2. Digimodernist Aesthetics 7. Toward a Digimodernist Society? For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy.



Kirby: Digimodernism.. In search of the lost past. Alan Kirby in his book Digimodernism argues that Tolkiens Lord of the Rings trilogy has the same structure. Download PDF..



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