Page 9 1. The Footswitch on the right will increase, and the Footswitch on the left will decrease the selected Preset. Pressing both Footswitches together will bypass the currently selected Preset. Pressing and holding both Footswitches will access the Tuner. Page Rear Panel 6.

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You might get hours with good quality battaries. That becomes very expensive after a while. Buying 6 AA batteries every week is not something I plan on doing, so I got the power supply. I guess if you used those rechargeable batteries it would be OK. The Digigtech RP suited my situation most. I wanted something to plug straight into a power amp or mixer, record on my computer and jam at night with my head phones.

First thing I like about this is the quality of the sound. I was totally shocked! The sound was really good. I love the amp sims. I love the way they work.

The distortion is created by cranking the gain knob on the amp sims the way a real tube amp would work. Not all the amp models can distort, some are just clean sounds. The ones I like best are the stack, high gain, tweed, and the black face. I like to play metal metallica, pantera, etc and this thing is awsome for that. The black face amp is great for playing clean stuff, it has a awsome bass and sweet clear highs.

The other thing I like about this is the usability. It is easy to fine tune the settings. A lot of the settings are controlable from 0 to This allows you to get the exact amount of effect, volume or whatever. All the competition use anoying little buttons and most of the other units are not as fine tunable.

Phrases like "Crank it up scotty" come to mind. It even has an effect called a Phaser! I like the built in drum machine.

It is very very usefull for practice and is a whole lot more exciting than the boring clicking of a metranome. This is essential for practicing, it has helped my playing out a lot. TIP:to find out the drum track styles blues, techno, metal etc. I love the flexability of the delay effects. You get analog, digital, and ping pong. The selection and quality of the reverbs is shocking.

Hall, spring, Plate, room, church This is one of the best features on the peddle without a doubt. Other stuff like chromatic tuner and pickup simulators are cool as well. The major thing that I like about this is the price. Or at least a flying motercycle Flexibility of aplication. You can plug it into an amp, direct into a mixer, use as a head phone amp, and you can do direct recording with it. I use it plugged right into a power amp and have great results.

I have also recorded stuff on my computer using the line-in jack on my sound card and had better than expected results. This is good for recording, if you have two amps, or one stereo amp. This is great fo the flanger and the ping pong delays. Overall I love this thing, it is good for all styles and has a wide selection of usable effects. Some other boxes have more effects but I would never use a lot of them, or they just sound bad.

The tone quality of the Rp seems to impress a lot of people, including me. I never believed for this much money you could get something like this. The Wha Wha. It sounds like a wha wha.. It sounds like a wha wha but just a really bad quality one. The tone of it sucks. The other effects and amp models are clean and profesional sounding.

The pitch shifter is disapointing. It plays the original guitar signal and mixes it with the shifted one and it sounds very electronic. It would be way more usable if you could turn of the original signal. The volume on the head phones is too low. On some of the clean setting you can hear your pick hiting the strings.

Lets say your eq setting are bass-4 mid-0 treble Turn them all up about 5, so your new sdetting would be bass-9 mid-5 treble But that is a pain in the butt and there should be higher volume to start with. The fuzz is a little dissapointing too.

The acoustic simulator is no good at all. A Jam along jack would be cool, so you can play with your favorite bands or practice tapes. You could jam with Britney spears or Nsync, just like all guitar players dream of doing!!!!

Uses batteries up to quickly. I would like to use batteries for jamming in the back yard or in the park. It also has something like 2 new effects in it and the expression pedal can be used to control all the effects and the gain on the amp models. On the RP if you plug a volume pedal in you can only use it as a volume pedal, wha pedal, and Wammy pedal.

So I would check out the RP if I was you. And you get a power supply included! The compresion, delay, reverb, wha wha, pick up simulator are all in different sections. But the chorus, flanger, phaser, tremelo, panner, vibrato, rotary, auto ya, envlope filter, detune, pitch shifter and whammy are all in the same section and you can only choose on at a time.

A lot of the lower processors have similar setups. The construction is good. The foot pedals are plastic but they seem to be pretty darn tough and can take a stomping.

The knobs are the thing I would worry about. For onstage use the RP and similar processors are better. I try to look after my equipment, but I can imagine a lead singer stomping around like a retarded elephant and smashing the knobs off this thing! And if the drummer puked on it you could have some problems with shorting out. Overall This thing is the best bang for your buck. Highlights of the RP are the good selection of amp models, great reverbs, wide selection of delays, and good over all sound quality.

There is vertually no back ground with the noise gate. The wha sucks and a few of the amp models are disapointing. Being able to plug this direct into a tape recorder, or your computer to record with is very usefull. Individual pedals can be aranged in diferent sequences and if your a seasoned player this may be desireable. This is mostly suitable for begginers to intermediate.

I would urge everyone to at least try it out. Just for the noise gate, the delays and the reverbs I think this thing will save you money. I ordered it online without even hearing it. But I would test it out first if I was you. The bottom line with any of these processors is the sound and I think this has a good range of sounds to please most people. Go to the manufacturers website and try to fid manuals.

Read them to get familiar with the units, then take a trip to the music store and try out the ones you like. Try to use similar guitars and amps to your own.

I would recomend using something like the musiciansfriend catalog to order from. They allow you to return stuff within 45 days and deliver quickly. From the day I mailed of my order to the day I recieved it was less than 2 weeks. I ordered the RP without hearing becouse at www. Any company that stands by their products like that are usally good quality. You can hear what the presets sound like and I thought it sounded good.

I think it sound better in real life than it did on those recordings but they are a good represntation of the RP and RP But everyone has different amps, guitars and playing styles so be prapered to return it.


Multieffekt DigiTech RP100

I like everything about this unit. I started playing guitar twenty years ago, teaching myself along the way. But I could never afford the good FX pedals. The RPA is sick, twisted, and ridiculous with how many different sounds you can get out of it. Let me try to sum up the best things. The different amp emulators are convincing, and run the gamut of a Marshall stack or an old Fender Tweed. No matter what preset you are using, the default setting of the parameter knobs allow you to change the amp type, gain, and master volume on the fly.


DigiTech RP100



Digitech Guitar Effects



Digitech RP1000


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