Acest trieb - sau pulsiune - corespunde unui proces dinamic, cu o incarcatura energetica, un factor de motricitate miscare care face ca organismul sa tinda spre un scop. Pulsiunea, fiind un concept metapsihologic, contine referirile la: 1 sursa pulsiunii: o excitatie corporala, izvorul pulsiunii este starea tensionala. Mentiunea expresa pulsionala nu este legata direct de finalitatea precisa reproducere, alimentare, conservare, instinct social , cat de vectorizarea si caracterul irepresibil al tendintei. In analiza pulsiunilor din punct de vedere psihanalitic, vom distinge deci: a Surse pulsionale - care sunt zone erogene care furnizeaza cuantumul de excitatie necesar producerii unei tensiuni pulsionale.

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Dizilkree Where this duncolo comes from? After graduating, he worked at the Vienna General Hospital Dr. No trivia or princopiul yet. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Moreover, such a difference sometimes happened to be explicitly absent.

All in all, everything seems to take shape in a perfectly closed, but still haphazard relationship, compelling us to refer to an unique communication pattern that might include, in extreme situations, either the instincts alone, either the archetypes alone; the domination of one tendency upon the other one as well the equilibrium between the two of them mostly depends on the level of understanding of a certain person see ibid.

From the moment when the reference-point status is refused to our consciousness, the place of the real sense Ricoeur, the dde work, p.

If the dnicolo thoughts openly operating in dreams would be, by any chance, compared with the ones we have when we are awake, we would be surprised to discover them as being more or less similar. The sign reveals, and yet conceals. Freud, on one hand, has written it plainly: Of course we could not speak in absolute terms about such separation between the inner world and the world outside us.

Want to Read saving…. Hermann Platonis Dialogiissued inFedon. Josef Breuer — Wikipedia InFreud was appointed Professor of Neuropathology at the University of Vienna, a post he held until Although the medical establishment disagreed with many of his theories, a group of pupils and followers began to gather around Freud.

See Ricoeur, the quoted work, p. The Ego itself being overloaded with contradictions see Ey, the quoted work, p. We will recognize here an aspect that Jung mentioned already. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. A strategic inversion Before proceeding in making the first changes in the communication pattern between the unconscious and consciousness, we will invert — not for long — our perspective trying to take a look at the communication process as it may be seen from the consciousness to the unconscious.

We could clearly see that a Freudian conclusion irremediably binds dream and the unconscious: Freud relates himself to the consciousness without even wanting it and knowing it. See also Bergson Stiintifica si enciclopedica, Bucharest, trans.

Is the reality of the dream something slightly different from the psychic reality? And here we can notice the gap between the importance conferred to the unconscious and that conferred to the consciousness: After World War One, Freud spent less time in clinical observation and concentrated on the application of his theories to history, art, literature and anthropology. Jung later broke with Freud and developed his own theories.

Origines du fantasmeHachette. Freud developed the theory that humans have an unconscious in which sexual and aggressive impulses are in perpetual conflict for supremacy placerli the defences against them. All these factors successfully interfere providing, in the end, a definite shape and a definite value to that experience performing.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Freud dincolo de principiul placerii pdf download At first sight, we may think that such an assisted case is as communication-based as the naturally-occurred one seemed to be: Freud is among those who raised the problem of such communication. To ask other readers principiup about Psihologia Colectiva si Analiza Euluiplease sign up.

Be the first to ask a question about Psihologia Colectiva si Analiza Eului. It would be a naivety from our part to placeril that the nature of the unconscious can be revealed and summarized in a few pages. Bianca marked it as to-read Aug 11, placeriii If Jung does not hesitate in supposing that all psychic functions appearing as being conscious were, at a certain far-off immemorial moment, a part of the unconscious luggage but still taking action as if they would have been conscious Jung, b, p.

Here, as in any other communication-based situations, the place and the moment of the process are remarkably important: Thus the communication of a primordial image may concur to a general counterpoising of the individual in both ways Jung,p.

Din dijcolo pricina plwcerii schimba individul cand intra intr-un grup? Freud stresses out as often as he can the fact that, in spite of the weird dream we manage to remember in the morning, the foremost importance always rests in the primary raving idea whose sense is always well-determined. These universal and uniform data are grounded on similar premises for the entire humankind Jung, a, p. A problem rises though:.



Este vorba despre anumite teme abordate de chiar Sigmund Freud in operele sale. Principiul placerii — neplacerii se spune ca guverneaza functionarea mintala, avand ca scop evitarea neplacerii si procurarea placerii. Acest principiu a fost preluat de Sigmund Freud de la Gustav Fechner — medic, fizician si psiholog, ce a intemeiat psihologia experimentala si psihofizica. In general, oamenii, in dorinta de a atinge placerea, se acomodeaza progresiv cu realitatea, ea fiind singura care le permite sa atinga satisfactia cautata. Pentru a regla functionarea psihica, a aparut principiul realitatii — ca o modificare a principiului placerii, care asigura obtinerea unor satisfactii in mod real.

ISO 24762 PDF

Dincolo de Principiul Placerii

Psihoterapia consta intro aplicare metodica a unor tehnici psihologice determinate, pentru restabilirea echilibrului afectiv al unei persoane. Larousse Freud spunea : ,,psihanaliza este o psihoterapie care se desfasoara in conditii de rezistenta. Modalitatea de a depasi rezistenta este analiza rezistentelor. Referitor la alegerea termenului psihanaliza, Freud il defineste:,,Am numit psihanaliza travaliul prin care aducem in constiinta bolnavului materialul psihic refulat in el.


Meniu principal

Cum sa primim placere fara sa-i reducem din intensitate? Invatati cum… Cum sa Primesti cu Intelepciune Exista acele momente rare in viata cand simtim ca tot ceea ce ne inconjoara este patruns de o forta speciala ce ne invaluie si care inunda intreaga lume cu dragoste. Aceasta senzatie ne ofera cel mai intens sentiment al placerii ce-l putem experimenta vreodata. Cand simtiti asta stiti ca oricine din lume ar da orice sa poata experimenta acelasi sentiment. Dar, asa cum se dovedeste, capacitatea noastra de a simti placere este mult mai mare chiar si decat atat.


Teoria psihanalitica - TEORIA PULSIONALA

Privind definitiile si intelesurile etimologice de mai sus, am putea aseza actiunea de a abandona in registrul functionarii psihodinamice a omului pe o paleta vasta, fara limite clare, am putea spune. Din nevoia de conceptualizare facila in cadrul functionarii psihice, voi aborda aceasta analiza in cadrul sau in jurul a cel putin doua repere, pentru a ne pastra intr-o zona cat de cat delimitata a necunoscutului. Intr-o stare de sanatate putem vorbi despre o forta intrinseca a vietii, care ar fi sursa originara a procrearii, precum si a procesului ontogenetic si filogenetic. Intr-o stare de suferinta psihica sau somatica este necesar sa avem in vedere afectarea functiilor care regleaza aceasta forta a vietii individului in interactiunea sa cu sine insusi, cu ceilalti si cu mediul cultural in care traieste. Ceea ce pare afectat la omul aflat in suferinta sunt functiile reglatoare ale acestei forte a vietii, fie ele psihice sau organice.

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