RX is driven by receiving binary data. Page Instruction Packet RX Check Sum is calculated according to the following formula. The returned data is called Status Packet. Since 0x24 is as binary, Bit5 and Bit2 become 1.

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Connector Assembly Assemble the connectors as shown below. Attach the wires to the terminals using the correct crimping tool. If you do not have access to a crimping tool, solder the terminals to the wires to ensure that they do not become loose during operation. Dynamixel Wiring Pin Assignment The connector pin assignments are as the following. The two connectors on the Dynamixel are connected pin to pin, thus the RX can be operated with only one connector attached.

The recommended circuit diagram for this is shown below. Check the current consumption when powering on. The current consumption of a single Dynamixel actuator unit in standby mode should be no larger than 50mA Connection Status Verification When power is applied to the Dynamixel actuator, the LED blinks twice to confirm its connection.

Communication Protocol Communication Overview Packet The main controller communicates with the Dynamixel units by sending and receiving data packets. Communication For the system connection below, if the main controller sends an instruction packet with Instruction Packet The Instruction Packet is the packet sent by the main controller to the Dynamixel units to send commands.

The structure of the Instruction Packet is as the following. The unique ID of the Dynamixel unit returning the packet. The initial value is set to 1. The Dynamixel actuator is operated by writing values to its control table and its status is checked by reading values off its control table. The time it takes for the Status Packet to return after the Instruction Packet is sent.

Address 0x06,0x07,0x08,0x09 Operating Angle Limit. Bit 7 Bit 6 Bit When the power is first turned on, the Dynamixel actuator enters the Torque Free Run condition zero torque. Setting the value in Address 0x18 to 1 enables the torque.

Address 0x19 LED. The LED turns on when set to 1 and turns off if set to 0. Sets the angular velocity of the output moving to the Goal Position. Setting this value to its maximum value of 0x3ff moves the output with an angular velocity of RPM, provided that there is enough power supplied The lowest velocity is when this value is set to 1.

Write instructions made outside of these valid ranges will return an error. The following table summarizes the data range for each register. Instruction Set and Examples The following Instructions are available.

When the Instruction Packet is received the values are stored in the Buffer and the Write instruction is under a standby status. At this time, the Registered Instruction register Address 0x2C is set to 1. After the Action Instruction Packet is received, the registered Write instruction is finally executed. The communication time decreases by the Synch Write instruction since many instructions can be transmitted by a single instruction.

However, you can use this instruction only when the lengths and addresses of the control table to be written to are the same. This method is generally used when many devices need to be connected to a single bus. Since more than one device are connected to the same bus, all the other devices need to be in input mode while one device is transmitting.

The following is an example program that sends an Instruction Packet.


Dynamixel RX-64 Smart Serial Servo

The Dynamixel servomotors All-around assembling structure: you can make robots of various forms as using different option frames. Powerful feedback : It can read current position of Dynamixel or speed as well as various information such as internal temperature, supply voltage, target position. Simple connection structure: Wiring is simple because it is linked by Daisy Chain. Alarm function: When internal temperature, torque, supply voltage etc. Also in such emergency situation, it flash LED or be Torque off.


Dynamixel RX-64 Actuator


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