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Maths grade 3 , grade 4 Lucinda If your kids want to use the same maths book every day for months, is it their curriculum? Why did we stop? I think it was a problem of timing, and attitude — my own and theirs. Partly my kids are older, which means they can focus on trickier more interesting problems for longer. As a result, my kids no longer think maths is about procedures and drills. And they know that maths is everywhere, not just on the pages of an arithmetic workbook.

Yesterday, for example, J 9 worked through level 3 of the chapter on Venn Diagrams. Knowing how J 9 likes to find things out for himself, I showed him our Maths Dictionary , where he looked up rectangles, squares and rhombuses.

For the triangles question, he decided to draw as many different types of triangles as he could think of and then try to categorise them, before he looked up the definitions of scalene, isosceles and equilateral. It, too, covers a huge variety of maths topics. The contents range from decimals, fractions, percents and area to acceleration, simultaneous equations and astronomy!

This makes self-learning easy for both the child and any teacher whose math skills are a little rusty. At school I learned to follow the procedure and move on. Understanding was, as far as I could tell, irrelevant. What I like about Khan Academy Khan Academy represents a massive step forward in open source learning. You can choose to learn recreational math, or math by grade level, or a variety of skills at once, in World of Math.

I like that you can level up multiple skills with Mastery Challenges. And the coach dashboard, which allows you to see what your students have been doing, is very sophisticated.

Although personally I feel a bit Big Brotherish when I do that. Earlier this year I wondered if Khan Academy might be the ideal way for my autodidactic 9-year-old to learn maths. The material is dry, lacks context, and the problems involve the same sort of abstract, unlikely scenarios that have blighted maths textbooks for decades. This is not a living maths curriculum! Secondly, the videos are useful when you want to quickly learn or review a specific concept.

A short Khan Academy video gave me of the mathematical proof I was looking for and I was able to explain it to C She was enjoying our buddy maths too much to contemplate giving it up.

How about you? What works best for your family? Read more about how we do living maths here. This post contains affiliate links. I purchased my own copies of all the books.


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