Home How to Buy a Projector - Projector Guide Error While Adding How to Buy a New Projector If you are looking to buy a new projector for a classroom, meeting room or home theater, the image you project on the screen should make a great impression on your audience. Researching projectors can be confusing, with many acronyms and technological terms. Our projector guide will help answer common questions regarding terminology, features and other important considerations when you are choosing a projector. Contrast Ratio Contrast ratio is the difference between light and dark on a screen, expressed by a number.

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SHOW MORE Product Info The Epson EB-S02 3LCD is from the leading projector manufacturer Epson who sell more projectors than any other company, often Epson is the preferred choice for schools and business as they are a well known brand with excellent warranties on their projectors and an easy to use The S02 from Epson is an entry level projector mainly due to its resolution but surprisingly it is packed with plenty of features and specifications making it a great choice for the office presentation use or even for schools.

If you want to use it for a mobile presentation purpose then the Epson EBS02 will be a good choice as it only weighs 2. If you need a bag let us now and we will quote you for one. With a brightness of ANSI Lumens, the Epson EBS02 projector will be bright enough for audience sizes of up to 50 people and be able to cope with areas like office, boardrooms, training rooms and even classrooms. If you are thinking of using the Epson S02 for showing films and video clips then the SVGA resolution will be absolutely fine High contrast ratio of in simple terms ms that there are shades of grey between white and black.

This ensures the EB S02 will give good definition and especially important when showing dark images Epson projectors are always LCD or 3LCD another name for the same thing and that ms that the colour accuracy is spot on and the lumens output is very reliable in all lighting conditions and not dependant on the colours you are showing. A throw ratio of 1. In more simple times, the distance the EB S02 has to be placed away is roughly 1. So for a 2m wide image, the Epson S02 Projector would have to be roughly 2.

After reviewing the Epson EBS02 Data Projector, The EB-S02 projector does have a speaker but it is only 1W which ms that you could use it for an audience size of 10 people but if your audience size is larger then you are going to need to have some extra speakers.

So if you are using the Epson EBS02 as a Business Projector then you will need to work out how many people at one time you are going to show to and then decide if you need a projector with a louder speaker or take additional speakers.

The Epson S02 projector is easy to set up as any keystoning is dealt without any hassle. Epson have taken the environmental aspects of their projectors very seriously and have produced the following features that have impressed us impress most of us. Lead - free lenses. If you need more details on the specification then either download the spec sheet on top of this page or click on our tab called "Full specification and screen size calculator Specifications.


Epson EB-S02 Manuals

The EB-S02 is straightforward to set up, allowing you to get started quickly. The exhaust is positioned in the front of the projector, preventing anyone from being exposed to the hot air especially when on a narrow table. Low running costs A long lamp life of 5, hours in eco mode helps cut maintenance time and keep running costs low. In addition, the projector will automatically detect and match the aspect ratio of the input source, with automatic vertical keystone correction for quick and easy prjector alignment and distortion correction. With its easy-to-use sliding horizontal keystone adjuster, screen corrections can be done easily and precisely for both beginners and experienced users. If you are a first-time user and looking for an affordable and easy-to-use projector for viewing films, images, presentations in office or home environment then you can opt for this Epson EB-X02 LCD Projector.


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