By: Gaggia The Anima Deluxe from Gaggia is an easy to use super-automatic machine with a small profile and a stylish look. These boilers create what we call Rapid Steam and eliminate the wait time between brewing and steaming or frothing milk. Want to customize that coffee drink? The Titanium makes it a breeze.

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The Titanium Super Automatic has an array of other adjustable features that allow the user to prepare beverages to a variety of parameters and specifications. Overall, this is a machine for the serious coffee drinker who wants to make a significant investment in their home espresso brewing capabilities. But for anyone looking to bring their local coffee shop into their kitchen or office , the Titanium Super Automatic provides the complete package of ease-of-use, versatility, and quality. With a few simple adjustments, even the novice brewer can craft their perfect macchiato or espresso drinks.

At first glance, the Titanium Super Automatic is a sleek, silver machine. The body is encased in stainless steel and it features an electronic display screen that promises to direct the user to a perfect brew, each and every time. However, at closer inspection, the Titanium Super Automatic appears a touch flimsy, which is surprising given its price tag. The machine is compact, looks nice sitting on the kitchen counter, and comes with a useful multi-lingual instruction manual.

But enough about the aesthetics, what about the coffee? From grinding beans to 18 different levels of coarseness to providing a place to heat your cup of coffee, brewing with the Titanium Super Automatic is, for the most part, a joy. One of the most impressive features is the double-brew system.

By incorporating a brewing boiler and additional steaming boiler, it significantly reduces the gap between brewing the espresso and heating the milk. The Titanium also boasts a Super Automatic coffee center that moistens and conditions the ground coffee and ensures the aromatic oils get the chance to fully leech out before the high-pressure pump is activated to maximize flavor extraction at eight to ten atmospheres of pressure.

Beyond just the basic settings, the Titanium Super Automatic includes such extras as a dose control feature that lets you choose between six and nine grams of coffee per shot. You can also experiment with five different temperature settings and a bypass doser for ground coffee. So far, so good. Overall, this is a high-end espresso machine that promises much and delivers on most of those promises. Not to mention a fine espresso, long black or caffe crema. However, while the Titanium Super Automatic ticks all the boxes with regard features and quality, it is worth noting there are quite a few negative third-party reviews out there.

Worryingly, these concern the durability and functionality of the machine. For example, there are reports of the display screen malfunctioning and various other parts breaking down often with expensive repair and shipping costs involved to put things right. Of course, there are plenty of happy Titanium Super Automatic owners in the world and I have no first-hand experience of the issues raised. It has a wide array of features that can produce beverages to suit the most discerning coffee aficionado.

The machine is simple to use, even for the espresso novice, and relatively easy to maintain. Cons: For a machine of this price and functionality, I would have expected a sturdier build. Then there are those worrying third-party reviews… In a sentence?


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