Volar The book was action packed with enough detail to keep you there Please review your cart. Since the start of book 1, she continued to mature to the point where at the end of this one, she was ah-mazing! And still get angry about. I found I was tuning out all that needed to be done and everyone around me just so I could devour this book. Definitely going to keep these books on my shelf for a very very long time ; I enjoyed the 1st book but found this one difficult to finish.

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But planning a wedding is never easy, especially when the bride keeps accidentally torching her dress, the groom returns from a dangerous mission with selective memory loss and the man responsible now wants Belle for himself. Customer Book Reviews 3. By Shannon C. Belle is learning her powers and her new job as an investigative agent for the paranormal government agency is going well. She and Rome are still together and they are now engaged. All of his memories of Belle have been stolen!

Lexis, who is a psychic forsaw this happening, so is trying to get him back. While dealing with all this, they must continue to work difficult cases and go after the bad guys. With lots of twists and turns, the plot was very fast moving.

The conflicts with that awful Lexis trying to take Rome away completely stressed me out and it was so upsetting what Belle was going through. But the trials made her stronger and I liked seeing her growth from the last book to this one. The ending was great. A very enjoyable read! If you are on the hunt for more books like this, check out my list of paranormal romance favorites Including Belle herself. I waited patiently and was fanstastically rewarded with the fast, sexy romp and many thrilling and fun twists and turns in Twice as Hot.

Belle grows into her powers a bit and starts to find a balance within herself, always a favorite theme of mine, and I could NEVER be disappointed to see the sexy Rome Masters doing his thing. The strong supporting cast of Tanner, Cody, and more are back, and prepare to meet a few new and interesting - and in some cases deadly - faces. I would LOVE to see this sequel be a stepping stone into a legitimate series, as I very much enjoy the characters and the world that Showalter has created here.

MOST of the time literally. Well done. It was like reading a fun comic book about an adult fairy tale. I think you have to be open to the mindset required for these two types of reading materials to understand and enjoy this book.

The characters - super heroes with super powers - were amusing and the story was fast paced and full of action from the first page. The sex scenes were just right - steamy and detailed but not too much, not too little. The romance between the two major characters, Rome and Belle, was very sweet and everything you could want in a fairy tale type romance.

I had only read the first book Playing With Fire in the series half-way through so I was somewhat familiar with the background of the major characters. Happily Ever After???? They are an adorable couple. After Playing With Fire, the first novel Belle can control earth, wind, water, fire and ice. She works with Rome at a supernatural police force. Rome comes back from a mission and encoutered a scrim, supernatural criminal, with memory erasing powers.

This scrim wipped out every memory Rome had of Belle. In the midst of planning her wedding Belle must deal with all the cancelations and still do her job.

I admire how she took the bad news, it was devistating. When Rome awakes he knows lexis, but not Belle. Hell bent on getting him back, Belle trys her best all the while working a PSI, paranormal studies investigations, case. This book was a nail biter! It was fast paced and just as great as the first. Frankly, I loved this book! Even down to Lexis, I loved all the characters. Yes, I wanted to shove a flaming fire ball up her arse just as much as Belle did. However, what she did was needed.

She used her power in the wrong way, and that storyline in general told a lesson. Belle evolved, and she grew into a woman that learned how to use her powers in the right way.

She was determined without being impulsive. She made natural human errors and that is not only what made her as the heroine delightful, but also the storyline believable. As a whole the story was fast paced, exciting, original, and it made you want more. It made you want to know what happen to Tanner and Elaine, what happen to the Doctor. Would Belle have super babies with Rome? I need to know and it is killing me!

I think anyone that appreciates a good super hero story will thoroughly enough this series! Their experiences may be special but their feelings and reactions are touchingly human. In Playing With Fire, I loved how we got to see Belle and Rome learn to trust each other and fall in love despite themselves. And it was great seeing her acclimate, accept, and learn to use her new powers for the good. It was an excellent first book, introducing us to the characters and their world.

In Twice as Hot I had hoped to see this continued and expanded upon. I would have loved to see that great Belle-Rome interplay with the two of them going off on missions and fighting the bad guys together, finding some alone time in between - either at appropriate moments or not!

Plus I was hoping to get a glimpse into their relationship and life together, as some time has passed in between the two novels and they are now an official engaged couple, living together. I was very disappointed that as Twice as Hot starts Rome is already off on the mission where he will be "injured". By the time you do the book is ending. We do get to see a whole lot more of PSI. There is definently a lot more kicking scrim butt in this book. The increase in action and intrigue was exciting and was definitely a plus.

And to a certain degree you do get Belle and Rome off on missions together as I had hoped. It feels more like a middle part of a series.

If you are a big fan, as I am, it will definitely leave you wanting more, which may or may not be a good thing depending on if this series gets expanded. My desires to see more of the traditional Belle-Rome dynamic aside, plot wise alone it feels like their work is only just getting starting, and there are loose ends galore - the potential threat of Reese, Desert Gal and a host of others; Sherridan and Cody; Memory Man and Lexis; etc.

Things particularly with Dr. Roberts are left up in the air. Do they ever catch him? Is he off making more experiments, perhaps on other innocent people as suggested? Is he successful in creating a neutralizer and if so what would happen if it falls into the hands of the bad guys and someone at PSI loses their powers, temporarily or permanently? Or, if PSI can use it as a defense weapon as John hopes, how will it effect their dealings with scrims?

I realize she has other irons in the fire, but her other series are quite dark and I much prefer the light fun of the Extraordinary Girl books. Fun and fast; a great summer read! It was a good book and lots of fun to read. If you liked the first book you will like this book even more! This is a light-hearted book not meant to be taken all that seriously. Belle is finally getting her life together. She has a great job as a paranormal investigator, her superpowers are under control Memory Man has disappeared and seems to involved with super-villain Desert Girl.

If Belle wants to salvage her relationship with Rome, first she will have to track down Memory Man and save the world from Desert Girl. If you liked the first book in this series you will like this book. This was a fun and fast-paced read. Tanner is a lot of fun and you see more of Cody the lightening wiedling superhero than before. The plot is well done and the book is very readable and engaging. Belle does a better job of holding her own in this story than in the previous book.

You also get to see a bit more superhero butt kicking than in the first book. There still is a lot of sex and talking about sex and groping Still it is all in good fun and leaves you feeling happy at the end :- At times Belle is still a bit immature and needy; especially in the beginning of the book.

She does manage to pull herself together though and redeems herself in the end. Also it was a bit corny how everyone was grouped into happy couples at the end; definitely a fairy tale romance type of book. Overall a great fun summer read and a feel good novel. Just beware this is more romance than urban fantasy. I hope that Showalter does more books in this world. So, far this is my favorite series by Showalter. Heros vs. Villains By Peaceloveandpat on Apr 22, I bought this book as soon as it hit the shelves, in the hopes of purchasing the first book also but it was out of stock at that time and so months had passed until I decided that I can probably get through this without the first book


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