The company manufactures and sells ice cream bars, cakes, gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. They opened the first store in Brooklyn, NY, in The assistant manager will function as the manager in their absence. He also keeps the bar neat and maintains a stock of cleaned plates and mugs.

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Our mobile app works on: iPhones and iPads Android phones and tablets. Prescriptions and reminders Can I manage my prescriptions for my family using the app?

Yes, our mobile app lets you manage prescriptions for your family and loved ones. To add a family member, simply go to the "Family care" option on the home page or in the dropdown menu.

What prescriptions can I refill using the mobile app? While nearly all prescriptions can be filled through the Mobile App, there are a few that cannot due to various state regulations. If you try to refill one of these prescriptions, the Mobile app will inform you that it cannot be refilled. If you have any questions about these prescriptions, please contact the pharmacy. You can set up reminders to take your medications daily, weekly, monthly, or on a custom schedule.

To find them, go to the "Reminders" option on the home page or in the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can also set up reminders to take medications on time from the prescription details screen. Preferences Yes, you can choose to have prescription names shown in your reminders instead of prescription numbers.

You can easily manage a number of preferences in the Account Page of your mobile app. These include: Time zone Phone number and email address Hiding and showing prescriptions in your prescription list Language if available To manage the timing and frequency of your notifications, go to the Reminders area of your mobile application. Mobile app features The pharmacy mobile app goes beyond the text experience and provides you with more functionality and control.

Refill from Prescription List This screen displays all your medications along with the prescription number, pharmacy where it was last filled, fills left and when it was last filled. You can refill a prescription by selecting it from the list. This will display the Drug Details page where you can click the Order Refill button to request a refill. Refill by Typing Prescription Number You can refill your prescriptions without signing in to the app by typing in your prescription information. Find a Pharmacy This feature allows you to search for your nearest Haggen pharmacy or look for Haggen pharmacies elsewhere.

You can also get directions, see the pharmacy hours, and contact the pharmacy with click-to-call functionality. Manage Account Information You can use this feature to manage your notification and prescription display preferences, change your time zone, and more.


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