The issue for me is that this is a bit too concise. Halley Jeannine rated it it was amazing Jan 07, I found that Halley trying to describe every other verse or provide commentary was not needed. However, in general he takes a basically conservative, creationist approach to the Scriptures. I had given up secular reading for Lent and intended to read several Christian books during that time. Jul 15, Cindy rated it it was amazing Shelves: He gave recitations in churches, always beginning each one with a hallets description of the book he was quoting from. Henry Hampton Halley Dr.

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Henry Hampton Halley was a pastor in the early twentieth century whose health forced him to leave the ministry and turn to more physically active work.

To occupy his mind during his travels and labors, he began memorizing large portions of Scripture and reciting them to himself over and over. The more Halley memorized, the more he pushed himself to commit as much of the Bible as possible to memory. Over time, he eventually memorized large portions of every book of the Bible. What began as a personal discipline turned into a ministry when he was asked to preach at a nearby church. When he discovered that he had misplaced his sermon notes and outline, he simply began to recite some of the passages he had memorized.

The response was remarkable. He soon began to receive calls from other churches to recite Scripture, and he used this as an opportunity to encourage biblical literacy and Bible memorization. He soon began offering brief introductions to each biblical book from which he would recite, and these too were very well received.

Eventually, Halley created a page pamphlet containing his introductions to each book, and he spent the rest of his life expanding this into what eventually became his "Bible Handbook. It includes hundreds of high-resolution color photographs and dozens of helpful maps and charts. As a reference tool, it can be scrolled in parallel with the text of the Bible so that you can use it like a study Bible. The brief biography of Halley included at the end of the Handbook is a testament to how hungry people are to hear and understand the message of the Bible.

So many people see the Bible as an atomistic series of Proverbs and proof-texts, or as an arcane book of secrets which can only be "unlocked" by experts. Consequently, something as simple as reciting whole passages of the Bible without commentary was received with great enthusiasm and eagerness.

And that was in the early part of the twentieth century when I imagine general Biblical literacy was significantly higher than it is today.


Halley's Bible Handbook, Deluxe Edition: Completely Revised and Expanded

Author by : Anthony L. This volume is dedicated to building understanding of the Old Testament portion of the Holy Bible. Many of the worlds prominent religions are based on the teachings of the Old Testament including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In fact, Christian students of the Bible will have a hard time understanding the teachings of Jesus and His apostles without a firm foundational understanding of the Old Testament.


Halley's Bible Handbook, Classic Edition: Completely Revised and Expanded


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