Daiktilar The values are higher when compared to those of a study for a hamburger added to manioc flour This is due to the lower water and residue concentration, which were partially lost during the cooking process. The main purpose of this study was to produce hamburgers with partial substitution hanburger the meat with cashew apple residue powder. Services on Demand Journal. Meat Sciencev.

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Kazrajar The sensory characteristics evaluated were aroma, flavor, overall impression. The production of hamburgers with a partial substitution of cow meat with the hamurger apple residue could be a feasible option since it resulted in product with high nutritional quality that is rich or have high dietary fiber content and is low in fat. This is due to the lower water and residue concentration, which were partially lost during the cooking process. The total dietary fiber value was between 0 and 7.

The sensory analysis was performed by 60 high school students. Journal of food sciencev. Aproveitamento da fibra de caju A nacardium occidentale l. The powder residue was obtained after the extraction of the pulp and dehydration in stove with air circulation.

However, Desmond and Troy verified an increase in the Warner-Bratzler shear force by for hamburgers mixed with manioc starch. Charachteristics of low-fat beefburger as influenced by various types of wheat fibers. Another factor that might have contributed to the increase in the product shearing force is the strong presence of insoluble dietary fibers related to soluble dietary fibers since the last one shows a higher water absorbing and gel formation capacity, which directly influences the improvement of the product texture.

Position of the American Dietetic Association: Four types hhamburger formulations were prepared in which the meat percentage varied from The results obtained in the present study were lower than those of the commercial brands analyzed, which according to their labels ranged from The best results were obtained with the addition of up to 1.

This analysis was performed using the Warner-Bratzler shear device, operating at a speed hambuurger 3. The total dietary fiber content was between 0 and 7. Adding ee portions of oatmeal to hamburgers, Marques found variations in the results; the highest values were hambudger in the samples added to oatmeal due to the relatively high content of lipids in this flour, which does not happen to the cashew powder. The addition of up to Similar results were obtained by Seabra It can be noticed that the best yield and the least shortening percentage were obtained with the increase of cashew apple residue powder in the formulations.

The samples of the cashew apple residues were obtained after depulping and grinding using an industrial blender. In order to compare the resulting composition of the hamburgers, information provided on the centesimal composition of five commercial brands was hambburger.

Its residue is composed of the skin and the husk and is frequently used for animal feed or even wasted. Hamburgers with the addition of 6. More recently, many studies have been conducted to develop new cashew products and to make a better use of this source of dietary fibers.

Lima formulated a pure vegetal hamburger based on cashew apple residue and found a little lower pH, with a value of 4. These results are similar to those found by Marques for beef hamburgers mixed with different amounts of oat fibers.

This is probably due to the higher water and fat content in F1 and to the large amount of cashew apple powder residue in F4, which hindered the agglutination of the hamburger contents. The residue has a dark yellow color, a fibrous aspect, and a typical adstringent aroma due to the presence of tannins which could be a limiting factor for the acceptability of the cashew apple and the juice, especially in foreign countries COSTA; LIMA; LIMA, Services on Demand Journal.

Therefore, the main purpose of this work was to prepare hamburgers with partial substitution of the meat with cashew apple residue powder. These values were higher than the others including the F1 values control.

Lima found 7. Sensory analyses were performed, and the determination of some quality characteristics of this product was also evaluated. Related Articles


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