Next 3. If you want a more detailed description of the installation procedure, or need to install multiple NICs, refer to the Installation Manual. You may have to alter BIOS settings to change the boot order. You will see a screen warning that all your data will be destroyed if you continue. Hit Enter at the boot: prompt.

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In the second installment we cover creating a DMZ for hosting your own web server or mail server and the Copfilter proxy for filtering web and email traffic. This is intended to be a quick and dirty overview on creating a IPCop firewall and comes without warranty of any kind!

Firewalls have had to undergo a tremendous metamorphosis as a result of evolving threats. IPCop is exemplary in offering such a range of default features and even further a large set of optional plug-ins which can provide further functionality. As if these base features were not an astounding enough there are dozens of add-ons which can further expand the functionality of your IPCop from Web Filtering to Anti virus scanning.

Color coding is logical in that it represents a continuum of network access from restricted to permissive. Additionally, Blue is for a separate segment for Wireless Devices, while Orange is for a DMZ or where any publicly accessible servers you want available to the Internet. Green, Blue and Orange networks depend entirely on how many nodes or machines you will have on each network. Connect all the physical layer i. Run through the simple prompt-based installation. The arrow Keys, Tab and Enter will help you navigate.

Install Process Select your language. Select your Installation Medium, a CD in this case. Configure your network cards The fastest way to configure your network interface cards is by selecting Probe option. If you know the network card information you can choose to your exact interface from Select. Next, when you are asked enter your Green Interface an address which must be within your chosen address space Enter in place Following this, IPCop will format and copy itself to your hard drive. See below.

After the install has completed you will be prompted to reboot and run setup as shown. Initial Setup Having installed IPCop we now have to enter some further configuration information in setup for our setup to be complete. Since we have 3 interfaces and only have set up Green, repeat the interface setup options for the Red and Orange interfaces as described above.

Your ISP. So if your Green network will contain 15 hosts you can use To set this up simply add in this range Password Setup - IPCop has 2 users which you will be asked to setup passwords for the root and admin. A good example would be 1luv19c0p. Root password will be used to log on and add any add-ons or upgrades via SSH. Admin user is used to manage your IPCop day to day. At the end of the IPCop installation you will be asked to reboot. Verify you are live and active on the new network you have setup with an address on With this validated connect to secure https web interface of IPCop.

Validate all your settings and connectivity. Until then go check out the www. Evolutionary IT is an independent provider of systems, network and security solutions. Please do feel free to email comments or suggestions. Many thanks for the help of my amazing sister Antonina in editing this article.


Install IPCop from a USB Drive



IPCop Firewall


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