What you thought Average rating: Our little one loves sharing this book. Hugs in two languages! Looking at all the animals and making the noises they make and blowing kisses to bobo when he was sad. Icklebun, 16 July We love to say the different voices for the animals and use the toy to hug even more Angelique, 12 June I read this book to my baby 4months at a play group and had to order our own copy when we got home. Natalie mercer, 01 April This book was a gift for my son from a dear friend.

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January 1, Sara Rad Hug is my all time favorite picture book. I think that it is meant for young children and is only acceptable for readers who are no older than 6 years old. It is very simple and only has a few words throughout the entire book. Bobo, the main character, is a little monkey who loses his mom and has to find her and call for her. But to find her, he must ask all of Hug is my all time favorite picture book. But I think that kindergarten is a good last age to read it, because it introduces basic communication skills and very beginner level reading to kids.

The illustrations in this book share a cute Story about a young baby chimp. This book has a very simple plot that helps babies and toddlers understand at a very young age. This book introduces babies and toddlers to plots and conflict in a book. During this book the baby chimp is a search for a hug from his mother. The illustrations in this book are fun to look at and are There is only one word in this book and that word is HUG. The illustrations in this book are fun to look at and are able to show you so much emotion.

When I was reading this book to my other cousin she was able to make a sad face when the chimp was sad and a happy face when the baby chimp was happy. I would encourage buying this book for your baby or young toddler. I very much enjoyed this book when I was young. January 1, Kalynda While I wish the copy I got was bigger, I love how the pictures speak volumes in this almost wordless book about the recognition and need of a hug and family.

I checked out this book for "H" week in Kinder, and I think they will love learning how the familiar word is written and quickly start on their path toward reading books, with this book. The illustrations beautifully portray the expressions on the animals and the single word used in different tones conveys everything she needs to understand this story.

Victoria loves monkeys! Victoria is still developing her basic reading skills. Victoria was able to "read" this book to Lexi and I. Victoria received several congratulatory "hugs" from us! But, as another reviewer has stated, I too wish there was more substance to the text! January 1, Kelly For the most part this is a wordless book. The only word consistently is "Hug. January 1, Beronica I began my toddler years storytime this year with this book towards the end of the storytime.

It got them to really calm down and just hug themselves. It also encouraged the caregivers to give the toddlers a great big hug! January 1, Sarah Clark The kind of book that will make you crazy to read but that your toddler will LOVE and request over and over.

Very appealing for the. January 1, Jennifer Dell adorable book for a very early reader that is looking for some confidence in reading. January 1, Lindsay Niebuhr In a book designed for emerging readers the author uses one word: the word hug, to show how a monkey is reunited with his mother.

January 1, Pam Preschoolers or Kindergartners can fill in the story in this book with one word. Use to talk about emotions and caring for others. January 1, Kris Dersch One of my favorite almost wordless picture books features a lost monkey who finds his mama with the help of an elephant friend.

Adorable, vibrant, a storytime favorite. January 1, A fun exploration of feelings with few words as the reader journeys through the jungle. January 1,


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Sep 01, Zara rated it it was amazing This is an adorable story, that the children will love and empathise with. He wonders around the jungle trying to get hugs from all kinds of jungle animals and notices that every animal he asks already have someone to hug, but unfortunately for Bobo no hugs for him. As the build-up has led you to believe, he eventually finds him Mummy and gets his long awaited hug. What is unique about this book, is that there This is an adorable story, that the children will love and empathise with. Even so the momentum of the book, combined with the lavish illustrations, still manage to tell a wonderful tale. It is a good book to help early readers and promoting understanding of the shapes of the letters to form the three words.


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