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IACRA helps ensure applicants meet regulatory and policy requirements through the use of extensive data validation. Please read the New User Guide. Trouble Viewing Documents? We anticipate the site will be offline for 4 hours. This will eliminate the need to enter the full 17 digit exam id. The Learning statement has been expanded on the Knowledge test report.

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If you currently hold a pilot certificate, you will need information from the certificate in order to register as an applicant. Please enter the certificate number and date of issuance exactly as they appear on your certificate. If you do not hold a pilot certificate, you can still complete the registration form and register as an applicant in IACRA.

Also, if you currently hold a pilot certificate, you will need that information in order to complete an IACRA application. Please review these certificates and modify if necessary. I recently renewed my CFI certificate. The Airman Registry is in the process of rolling out a new database system that will ultimately improve the speed of entering data into its national databases, however, note that there will always be some interim time frame between CFI renewal activities and receipt of your permanent certificate.

This is because the FAA reviews each application and can deny an action, as appropriate. Please use paper applications until you receive your permanent certificate. This way the Airman Registry has an opportunity to process the renewal request and provide the new certificate with minimal gap between the expiration date and receipt of the renewal certificate.

Can I reset the application so that the mistake can be corrected? Currently for ATP CFR 61, , and certificates, a Designated Examiner has the option to edit the application, which returns the application to the applicant for minor corrections.

This option is available as long as the applicant has not yet signed the application. The applicant can then resubmit the application, allowing the Designated Examiner to then view the corrected application. After the Designated Examiner resets the application, the applicant must log in to IACRA and make any necessary changes to the application.

The applicant must then resubmit the application by clicking the Submit button on step 6. The Designated Examiner will be able to retrieve the changed application only after the applicant has resubmitted it. At any time in the future, by checking the digital signature, the Airman Registry can electronically verify that the application information has not changed.

Where do I find it? All pilot hours that apply toward the current certification you are seeking should be entered in the grid. No, the certifying officer should punch a hole through the FAA moniker of the superceded certificates. You do not mail them to the Airman Registry. What am I required to send to the Airman Registry after I complete the application?

All documents are transmitted to the Registry electronically. Additionally, there is a link to the on-line Help in the upper right hand corner of the IACRA application once you have logged in. The Help is context specific to the page on which you are viewing. If you check the box next to "May we contact you regarding this commment? Will I receive a confirmation that the completed form and all related documents have been sent to the Registry?

After the Certifying Officer signs and submits the application, an acknowledgement message will be displayed on the final confirmation page containing the Application ID number. IACRA automatically sends the application to the Airman Registry following the display of the confirmation page the same day or following day. Currently there is no additional confirmation apart from the confirmation page.

What is a digital signature? A digital signature is a technology used to ensure that the original content of an electronic message or document is unchanged.

Digital signatures are: Easily transportable Cannot be imitated by someone else, and Can be automatically time-stamped. Digital signature gives the ability to ensure that the originally signed message has not been altered thus creating a scenario where the "signatory" cannot easily repudiate the authenticity of that signed document.

Yes, but it is an "unofficial" copy for review or record keeping purposes only. It should not be mailed to the Registry.


Form FAA 8710-1 - Airman Certificate And/or Rating Application



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