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They were in production longer than any other JBL main studio monitor, being introduced in and not discontinued until for the and for the David Smith was the engineer responsible for the system design of these monitors. Putting a crossover between the main horn and a small super tweeter type horn is problematic, though. The main horn usually had a lot of depth whereas a super tweeter such as a would be considerably shorter. There would be several wavelengths of separation if they are both front mounted on the cabinet, leading to comb filtering in the crossover region. If your main horn has the bandwidth then you are better off equalizing a bit than crossing over to a super tweeter at a high frequency.

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Measured sensitivity below 5W Hz or above 2wO Hz may be considerably greater than that of other systems with higher sensitivity ratings. JBL Professional Products are not intended for household use.

Accurate, smooth reproduction from 35 to 20, Hz, f 3dB. Oiled walnut or textured gray enclosure. The accurately reproduces the full range of musical fundamentals and overtones at sound pressure levels approaching those of the larger JBL systems The is characterized by exceptionally smooth, wide-band reproduction, clarity, transient response and a controlled dispersion pattern.

Its performance is obtained through total integration of the components that make up its four-way system. The effect is a true monitor system, compact in physical size, whose sound distribution pattern is such that the operator can be located relatively close to the enclosure. The la-inch low frequency loudspeaker features solid bass reproduction, smooth response well beyond its crossover frequency and excellent transient response combined with maximum efficiency conslstent with the bandurldth of the driver Mounted in a ported enclosure having an internal volume of 3.

Closed construction and precise construction tolerances of the assembly concentrate a magnetic field of 12, gauss in the voice coil gap. A 4-inch voice coil, fabricated of copper urlre milled to a ribbon and hand wound on edge, 1s mounted on a heat reslstant support affixed to a rigid cone having optimum mass, density and rigidity The cone is supported by a highly flexible termination that damps spurious resonances and allows the long, linear excursion necessary for high volume levels at very low frequencies.

The smooth performance and instantaneous transient response of the 8-inch midrange driver is responsible d for the outstanding instrumental clanty and vocal defimtion of the system. The voice coil is edgewound for exceptional transient response and acoustic efficiency Like the midrange loudspeaker.

Ultra-High Prequencp Transducer The exceptional clarity and realism of overtones lying above Hz is produced by the ultra-high frequency d transducer. The unit consists of a compression driver and diffraction horn specifically designed for reproduction and dispersion of energy at the extreme high end of the audio spectrum.

The compression driver.


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