Plot[ edit ] Gaston, a veteran of World War I , suffers from amnesia and has spent the last 18 years in a hospital trying to regain his memories. A docile character, Gaston discovers his former identity of Jacques Renaud: a cruel and violent young man who used to kill animals for sport. He learns that immediately prior to the war he pushed his best friend, Marcel, down a flight of stairs, breaking his back, shortly after seeing him kiss the maid Juliette, with whom Jacques had been intimate. Gaston has difficulty reconciling his current personality with that of his past.

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Scene: Man wakes up in a hospital bed. His head is swathed in bandages. Hes fairly old. The nurse sitting in the corner looks up. Nurse: Oh, youre finally awake. How are you feeling? Man: Like I was hit by Airbus. Where the hell am I? He pauses. Man: Actually, who the hell am I? Nurse: Well, sir, you received quite a knock on the head. Its quite natural that youll be feeling some pain. We can put a drip on you or give you pain killers, which ever you prefer.

As for who you are, wed like to know as Scene: Man wakes up in a hospital bed. Man: Oh man. This is sooooo weird. What do you know about me? How did I get here? Nurse: Well, you were found in a marsh. You had been hit on the head by a duck. That was what caused your concussion, and I guess your amnesia. Man: Gee, do you know why I was hit by duck? I love little animals. Maybe I was trying to save it from some evil hunters.

You had a gun next to you. I hate guns. Awful things. They should ban them or something. Did it have any marks on it or something? Can I have a look at it? Maybe it might trigger a memory. Nurse: Goes to cupboard and pulls out a Kalashnikov Here you are, sir. Man: Good heavens. He stares at it with evident distaste. Then he gingerly reaches out to touch it. He shudders again. Man: Horrible. I must have been fighting to take it away from someone. Was there anything else? Nurse: Well, all we had was a badge with an animal on it.

An elephant. Man: I knew it! I must some kind of animal activist. Nurse: Let me check with the doctor on that.

Man: Could you turn on the radio while you go? Nurse: Sure thing. She turns on the radio. Rush Limbaugh comes on. Man: Owww! Like NPR maybe. You know they really should get that organisation more funding. The nurse turns the radio knob. As she turns the knob, we hear briefly the news from the radio. Search teams are out sweeping the area where he was last seen….

Man: Oh that sounds interesting. Do you know more? That radio is all we get. Poor people need proper medical care too. Someone should look into it. Scene II: The next morning. The man is asleep in his bed. The nurse comes running in. Nurse: OMG! She is waving a newspaper. Man: half asleep What do you mean by making all that noise? I was dreaming a right wonderful dream where I was puffing some excellent weed. She waves the paper at him.

You look exactly like his picture. How do you think this should end? He never recovers his memory, but decides to resume his role and try to work to change the things he did.

Oh, the other play? Pleasant and amusing enough but not terribly interesting.


Le Voyageur Sans Bagage

Kagal Le voyageur sans bagage by Jean Anouilh Paperbackpages. After the war On 1 Februarya French soldier was repatriated from France and arrived at the Gare des Brotteaux sajs Lyon, suffering from amnesia and lacking military or civil identification documents. Can I have a look at it? The girl who married his brother when she thought he was forever lost tries to rekindle the flame of love ,but did it ever exist? Le voyageur sans bagages His compositions are influenced by jazz and Brazilian music and make extensive use of polytonality. Le voyageur sans bagages — IMDb Oh that sounds interesting.


Fiche de lecture: le voyage sans bagage de Jean Anouilh


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