Esto significa, en concreio, que la cristologia puede mostrar un camino -el de Jestis-. Por ello, a pesar de todo, este libro estd escrito con esperanza y con gozo. El Jesucristo crucificado, tan omnipresente, es realmente una buena noticia, es, en verdad, un Jesu- cristo liberador. Jesucristo liberador.

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The Councils do not signify a hellenization of Christianity but rather the contrary. AAS ; DH But there is no foundation for calling these formulas dangerous, since they are authentic interpretations of Revelation.

The Congregation does not intend to judge the subjective intentions of the Author, but rather has the duty to call to attention to certain propositions which are not in conformity with the doctrine of the Church.

In his book Jesus the Piberador On the other hand, the singularity and the unicity of the mediation of Christ has always been affirmed by the Church. The Christological difficulties already noted in the discussion of the mystery of the Incarnation and the relationship with the Kingdom appear here anew.

Only in this way can Jesus bring us into divine love. Various recent magisterial texts have expressed this doctrine: By communicating His Spirit, Christ made His brothers, sorino together from all nations, mystically the components of His own Body.

The Author justifies his position citing the text of Hebrews According to the Author, the person of Jesus as mediator cannot be absolutized, but must be contemplated in his relatedness to sobrink Kingdom of God, which is apparently considered to be something distinct from Jesus himself:.

This point has an evident connection both with what is said above in number IV concerning the relationship between Jesus and the Kingdom, and what will be said in VI below concerning the salvific value that Jesus loberador to his death.

Certainly, it is necessary to recognize the limited character of dogmatic formulations, which do not express nor are able to express everything contained in the mystery of faith, and must be interpreted in the light of Sacred Scripture and Tradition.

The filial and messianic consciousness of Jesus is the direct consequence of his ontology as Son of God made man. Notification on the works of Father Jon Sobrino, SJ But, in these cited passages, Jesus and the Kingdom are distinguished in a way that the link between them is deprived of its unique and particular jno. This is what is indicated in the Gospel texts cited above. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. AAS 92 English Choose a language for shopping. The death of Christ is exemplum and not sacramentum gift.

It is not clear that the Son is Jesus and that Jesus is the Son. The affirmations of the New Testament, Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Church concerning the efficacy of the redemption and salvation brought about by Christ cannot be reduced to the good example that Jesus gives us.

This reduces redemption to moralism. Father Sobrino also advances his point of view about the soteriological significance that should be attributed to the death of Christ: At the same time, however, it is not possible to reduce the efficacy of the death of Jesus to that of an example or, in the words of the Author, to the appearance of the homo verusfaithful to God even unto the cross. In some texts some assertions of Father Sobrino make one think that, for him, Jesus did not attribute a jesux value to his own death: Although the preoccupation of the Author for the plight of the poor is admirable, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Libersdor has the obligation to indicate that the aforementioned works of Father Sobrino contain notable discrepancies with the faith of the Church.

Through the inculturation of the Christian message, Greek culture itself underwent a transformation jeesus within and was able to be used as an instrument for the expression and defense of biblical truth.

On the contrary, it is precisely the intimacy and the direct and immediate knowledge which he has of the Father that allows Jesus to reveal to men the mystery of divine love. AAS 83 AAS 91 This affirmation of Father Sobrino seems, at first glance, limited to the idea that Jesus did not attribute a salvific value to his death using the categories that the New Testament later employed.

The fact that this term was not used does not mean that the divinity of Jesus was not affirmed in the strict sense, contrary to what the Author seems to imply. TOP Related Posts.



El pueblo crucificado. En su objeto, Cristo. Jesucristo es misterio. Hablar de Cristo es callar. Cristo, se es captado como tal, produce gozo y agradecimiento. Y no hay gozo y agradecimiento que permanezcan mudos para siempre.



Gasho Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: But, in these cited passages, Jesus and the Kingdom are distinguished in a way that the link between them is deprived of its unique and particular content. All citations will be taken from the English version. Theology arises from obedience to the impulse of truth which seeks to be communicated, and from the love that desires to know ever better the One who loves — God himself — whose goodness we have recognized in the act of faith. The Christological difficulties already noted in the discussion of liberzdor mystery of the Incarnation and the relationship with the Kingdom appear here anew.

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