Start your review of Wesley Resistant Omegas 7 Write a review Shelves: m-m-m-m This instalment of the story is more than the normal "beaten down Omega finds loving inner circle" and mates them all to finally get some happiness. While that was still very much going on as the main focus for the four key characters, we find out more about the framework story as well. There are some interesting revelations about the back story, the history of the Omegas, and how their power actually works. I suspect that will keep the series going for a bit!

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Chapter 1 I woke up confused… Just as I did every morning. I knew it was my room. I could feel that and the familiarity. Also, I knew why I was here. My old Alpha had been horrible to me and had tried to kill me. I was in sanctuary here. But where was here?

It was hard to not be cranky about that. And there was something else off this morning as well. So many swirling emotions in this house always that it was hard to get my bearings. I was used to waking up that way though because there were just a lot of people in the house.

Today it was new ones with such deep-seated need and want that when I rolled out of bed and stood I felt my knees go weak. I tried shaking it off, not a fan of feeling confused and like someone was going to run me through the wringer today. For one, it was likely my longer blond hair would get caught in it. Two… Well, who wants to ever have the shit come down on them? While I needed to remember it was never like snapping my fingers, and poof, the memory was instantly back in my mind.

No, it was much more damaging and difficult than that. Help was coming and all I had to do was stall him a few minutes. But I will fix it so we can be together in death. The doctors ran all kinds of tests, thinking I had amnesia, but when they ran certain scans, my brain freaked out and broke their machine. They leaned more toward the theory that when the Alpha had tried to kill me, something went wrong with my gifts that I had as an Omega and it crossed my wires.

Basically the fireplace poker crossed my green with blue wires in my head and no one knew how to get them back in the right spots. Until then, I lived my life very confused. In the dark most times, jumbled, frustrated, and lost… But safe. So it came down to acknowledging which was more important. But this flashback gave me a hint and I thought about it really hard as I showered.

When I was done, I threw on a pair of shorts and flip-flops, thinking I would need to run after breakfast because there was so much going on in my head. And I needed to find that man… The one who kept helping me. He would know what to do. Everything was too fuzzy. Always close, but never able to reach. It was hard to explain.

When I looked at a person, it was as if they were surrounded by clouds. Or maybe a better way to put it is when I saw someone through a fuzzy shower curtain or glass like in the movies.

I could see them, their outline, how tall, but other than that I had nothing. But I knew how to see him again. I stood on my toes and pulled his head down to mine. He chuckled and gave me a soft kiss. The instant his lips had touched mine it was like the shower curtain or fog had been pulled back. I knew him and he was a good man. I also got something else. He will be young and need you more than you know. I only get snippets. That I had figured out the day I woke up in the hospital and saw one of the doctors getting in a car crash after I kissed him.

Always fun. I could see parts of the future, like a vibe I get off people. But now that everything was foggy, I had a harder time making sense of anything. I knew he was doing it more to hide his frustration.

I got that a lot from people. Go eat and find him. Yeah, I got that a lot too. A lot of pity was sent my way. And like most Omegas I could tell what people were feeling so I always knew for sure. It really upset people when I cried as if that made my whole situation that much worse because it bothered me. I froze when I saw seven large men in the room. A few of them stood and I panicked. I dove behind the kitchen island and curled into a ball.

I was looking for one, not seven giants who could smash me with their hands. This man was like me. I leaned in and he met me halfway, giving me a quick kiss. You know what I mean? Sometimes I wondered if I should agree with him. I glanced at all the strangers. A man with a warm smile leaned in and gave me a kiss.

He was good down to his toes in a way I admired. His emotions were of love. He loved me like family and Jared never pitied me or got frustrated… Okay, except when I ate the last of his cookies that one time.

Then I thought he was going to make me walk to the store and get him some more. I got it better than I could ever put into words. Having gifts or being in power came with a great deal of pressure and hardship. It was just the way things were. I quickly kissed Cameron and Rhyce, smiling at them when the fog moved away from them and I knew who they are.

A stranger sat next to me as Cameron made me a plate of food. Something was different from when most were strangers to me. This man meant something. Normally when I kissed someone it was for recognition and like a hug. At first it was quick and we stared at each other a moment when it was done. Then I went back for more.

Bay moaned and pushed his tongue into my mouth, his muscular arms holding me tightly. I melted against him, really getting into it and wanting more. But air became necessary and we broke apart. Then I reached out and twined my fingers through his shoulder-length chocolate-brown hair.

I could hear the shock in his voice. When did he arrive? We never wanted one when it was about buying them because we felt it was wrong. But now that things have changed, our pack could use the strength of one and our family needs someone to bind us. The other of the three I need? I slid off his lap and onto the man sitting next to him. I leaned in and pursed my lips but he backed away. None of the three I need to help me would be so quick to say I was broken when they just met me.

Your mates as well. There are others that need your help much more than I do and desperately. I could wait. It would be your downfall and kill your mating. I wanted no hand in that because I have my own guilt as well that my being here has been taxing on your relationship.

The idea made me feel dirty and like I was taking advantage of him. I sighed. I smiled and took my hand from Harkin. I focused on every moveable object in the room.


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I only get snippets. Nov 08, texasmoocow rated it liked it Shelves: I fljnn see them, their outline, how tall, but other than that I had nothing. Wesley is also a very powerful Omega and the explanation given for that is fascinatingwhich helps him deal with most things. Books by Joyee Flynn. The review must be at least 50 characters long. Get to Know Us. But when Bay, Harkin, and Levey misunderstand the terms of the contract and screw up, will Wesley be glynn to forgive them?


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