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Tourists are told aloha means hello and goodbye, but it has a deeper meaning, as local and long-term residents understand. Aloha means love and inclusiveness. It is part of Hawaii tradition. The song Kanaka WaiWai is an old, yet eternally new, favorite. It expresses how the path to God is found through love and example. This song is rendered by the famous entertainers of Hawaii, Melveen Leed , the Brothers Kazimero and others.

It gives a statement that is universal by its depth and breadth of meaning. That too is a pride of Hawaii. Ask the local person what makes Hawaii special, and the individual will stress how uniquely proud he or she is in that diversity. Yet Japanese tourists and people from all walks of life enjoy its refrain, for the beauty of harmonious rhythms and verse.

The uniqueness of this song has crossed the boundaries of music, bringing it to the mainland through the voice of Gladys Knight. On an Internet site makes that declaration along with the lyrics of the song. Although it is titled Jesu Me Kanaka WaiWai on this website, it is known in brief as Kanaka WaiWai by the local folks, as it is recognized most often by folks who hear it often.

Now on my knees I pray, That I will find a way, Let me walk through paradise with you. Ya ho way On the shore front, at the Outrigger Reef Hotel, one of the local Hawaiian groups plays the song once again as an ordinary part of its show.


LeahiのIesu Me Ke Kanaka Waiwaiと歌詞


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INT-14: Kanaka Waiwai


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